Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 90 – Sidequests – Supply Drops

Supply Drop: X:,646.4 Y:661.6
head to this coordinates and hop onto the quad bike to start this run. You will have 70 seconds to complete it.

Head forward down the road in front of you toward the first flare. You need to stay on this road for a while so watch your speed for a minute as you get to the split in the path. The third flare will have you go to the left. Follow it forward. Now you can stay on the road or hop off it to shave a little time off. The next few flares are like this as well. Still, stay on the road and it will be a fairly short and straight forward supply drop.

Supply Drop: X:646.5 , Y: 598.3
Head on out to these coordinates and then go over to the cargo truck you see there. Hop on in to start this Supply Drop Quest. You will have 80 seconds to complete the run

Start, as always, by going forward on the road in front of you. Take the first right to find the first flare. Follow that up with the first left. There is a chance you will encounter some pirates here so be wary of them and just run them over as you turn. Continue on this road to the next fork. Take the left there and avoid the Outpost, The Neck's Diner. From there, take the next right at the intersection. This will lead on across another few intersections that will get you to your destination.

Supply Drop: X:570.2 , Y:450.8
You will find a little coupe waiting at the icon. Go ahead and get into it. For this run you will have 70 seconds.

Start going straight down the road in front of you. Keep on this road until the first fork in it. Take the right-hand path to keep with the flares. Take the road on down to the bridge below. There is nothing wrong in just going for the flare directly just be careful. It is very likely to get the car to roll if you go over the edge wrong.

When you hit the flare on the bridge, follow the road. This will get you into position to quickly move at the next flare on the hill. When you make it to that one, turn to the right to get a visual on the next flare. Veer to the left after that to get the line on the final 2 flares. Just follow them straight and you will make it to the end of the run.

Supply Drop: X:379.6 , Y:421.2
You will find a quad bike at this location. Hop onto it and accept the mission. You will have 60 seconds to make the run.

Start with the usual forward dash. It is a very straight forward line run for one. Just hit the hills and hold on tight. If you miss the flare on the hillside just look for the next one. If you make it to that one, the next will be highlighted on your minimap.