Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 88 – Sidequests – Path Of The Hunter Bow Hunt: Leopards & Maneater Shark, Once More With Dignity

Bow Hunt: Leopards
This Path of the Hunter mission has you seeking revenge for a killed wife that a Leopard got. From Hurbert Shore Power head to the North. It is only a little ways up the slope to find your arming point. It is the hut that overlooks the Power Station.

Once you are armed you are immediately inside your search area. Use some Hunter's Instinct to make your life a bit easier. Head to the West to get started and run up the steep slope above the hut. Here you will find likely find the first of the 4 Leopards. You, with Hunter's Instinct can easily spot it in advance and get the drop on it. Drop it quickly as it can still tear you apart.

Head to the Northwestern part of the search area. You will find a road. Follow it to the South but keep an eye open to the left. You will find the second Leopard just to the left of the road.

For the third Leopard head deeper into the woods to the Southwest. You will find a pair of them stalking none too far from one another. They can still be encountered separately and that is the best way to handle them Kill the third then turn to the Southeast. It will not be hard to find and kill the final Leopard.

Bow Hunt: Maneater Shark
This is the final rare animal Hunt in the game It is found after you complete the takeover of Kell's Boat Repairs. The shark's skin can be used to craft the extended quiver so you can carry 30 regular arrows and 10 special arrows. The story is a chef wants you to kill it so he can use it for something.

Head over to the East and to the dock at Kell's Boat Repair. There you will find the bow that you need for the hunt. Now head back down the dock a little to find the boat that is provided. Head out to the East and turn to the left at the first rock. You will spot a small Ruin sticking out of the water. Head over to that and use some Hunter's Instinct. This will let you see all the nearby Sharks. Take some time to mark them with the Camera. After that, you need to just pick them off one at a time with the Bow and Arrow. The Maneater is larger and darker colored than the others but this is very hard to see. You need to fire a few arrows at it to get it to die. Take your time and aim to make sure that you get it.

Once More With Dignity
Head out to the nearby Island Racing Challenge. Head into the nearby hut and you will find the Islander, Alfie who will give you this mission. This very confused Individual wants to to track down specific plants and he will teach you a special recipe for completing this quest.

3 Golden Beehive Plants
Head outside the hut and turn to the left. You will find the 3 Plants just sitting there. Cut them down as usual and then head back into the hut. Alfie will tell you this are not the plants for his medicine and will give you a second list.

3 Heliconia
Head out of the Hut and go to the North. Once you can see the slope, turn to the West and head up it. There you will easily find the Heliconia that you are looking for. Now head back down the slope and bring them back to Alfie in his shack. He will tell you these are the plants for his enema.

3 Screw Pine
This time he is asking you to track down 3 Screw Pine. Approach the marked area carefully. This is because there is a bear down there. If you can pick it off from a distance and from above then it is a lot safer to make it into the depression where you will find the Screw Pine. With the bear dead head on in. Gather up the 3 Screw Pine Fruits and then head back to the Shack.

This time, Alfie will admit that you have the right recipe. For all your effort you will get he Nature Boy Recipe. This will let you see plants when you are under its influence.