Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 86 – Outpost Guide Part 19: The Neck's Diner

It is best to come at this Outpost from the South. You will easily be able to slip in and climb up to the top of the Warehouse on the edge of the Outpost. Once up there you can easily track all the pirates that you can find in the Outpost below. There are 5 soldiers, 2 heavies and 1 Charger to be found in this outpost. There are also 2 Alarm Post in the base. This is also one that you will find a surprising amount of things just happening around it. Animals like to wander in and the Rakyat tend to attack at least once if you wait for a while.

From your position on top of the warehouse you have a number of options to deal with the various pirates below you. Start by going to the Southwestern corner of the warehouse. You have a Heavy standing guard nearby and the Charger will move into this area once in a while. When the Charger is over there, throw a rock against the shack along the Southern Wall. It may take a moment but the Charger will eventually move to investigate it. Take him down. Now return to the Southwestern part of the Warehouse and look at the Heavy. To lure him in you need to first throw a rock against the nearby house. Once he is behind the house, throw a rock onto one of the cars to the left of him. This will lure him plainly out of sight of his friends. If you want to ensure plenty of time, throw a rock against the shack again. The Heavy will find the last pirate's body. Use this to get behind him and take him down. Before you leave this area, head to the center of the Outpost and throw a rock against the roof. This will lure the one pirate in front of the Warehouse around to the sides of it. Kill him while he is there and you will save yourself a lot of trouble. Wait a little to see if the Charger takes his position. If so, repeat the process.

With those 2 down there are plenty more that need to be killed in this Outpost. Head to the Southeastern edge of the outpost and cross over to the other side of it. Get behind the shipping container that has the barrels on either side of it. It is behind one of the soldiers who is sitting down. Turn and face the barrel. Throw a rock against the barrels on the right-hand side to lure him back behind it so you can easily kill him off with a quick takedown when he is out of sight of his comrades.

Now sneak your way against the side of the outpost to the Northern part. When you get to the house with the steps take it up and head over to the Northern part. You will see a soldier below you. Throw a rock to his left against the fence to lure him away from his post. Once he has passed you drop down behind him and take him down. There are only 2 Soldiers and one Heavy left now. First, get up onto the house in the Northwestern part of the Outpost. Throw a rock against the roof the house to lure the nearby soldier behind it. Take him down quietly. After that you can just sneak up on the remaining soldier and Heavy for take downs.

From your position on the rooftop, use your first few shots to take out the alarms at a distance. After that, use the various explosives peppered around the camp to destroy the heavies and take down the soldiers. It is not very hard to be aggressive from that position and do so in decent safety.

Take Over:
This will give you the usual Fast Travel and Automated Store. You will also receive an Island Racing League and Wanted Dead side quest.