Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 85 – Outpost Guide Part 18: Kell's Boat Repair

Come at this location from the West, using the nearby road to get a solid fix on the Outpost itself. It is very hard to get a good view from the land and see more than 3 of the soldiers. You have a Sniper with a RPG, 2 Chargers and 4 Soldiers. 2 of the Soldiers patrol the dock while the other 2 move about the Outpost itself. The Sniper is on top of the Safe House. There is also a pair of dogs in the Outpost that you need to worry about as well. They are in a cage so you can loose them some careful aim.

Move to the Northern part of the Outpost. From there it becomes a game of patience. You need to wait for the Sniper and the Soldier to move or face away from the Northern wall. From there you can slip inside the Outpost and disable the alarm without any trouble. Now keep against the Alarm Post for a minute. Turn to the North and throw a rock against the nearby boat. This will lure the soldier on the stairs down. Take him down when the Sniper above is looking away.

Move up the stairs carefully after you have killed the Soldier. You want to take down the Sniper next. When he is on the move, get to the top of the stairs then take him down as well. Move to the East and look at the lone soldier just standing in the middle of the compound. Take him down and drag his body away from the 2 chargers who are nearby.

The Chargers need to be dealt with separately from the rest to ensure they do not raise any alarm. With the soldier dealt with, move up against the Safe House on the Southern side. You have one Charger in front of you and one to your right. The idea is to quickly move up and kill the one in front of you then just as quickly kill the second to the South. The Knife Throw Takedown makes this a lot easier to execute.

Finally, there are the 2 Soldiers on the dock. Take aim on the cage and loose the Dogs. During this time get into the water and move up along the dock. From there you can get them easily from the water using the Death From Below Takedown. Alternatively you can just sneak up on them while the dogs attack to ensure they are distracted and you can easily get them.

This is not a very dangerous Outpost aside from the Sniper above it all with the RPG launcher. This means you want to pick off the soldier and the Sniper first. After that you can easily just gun down the rest from your elevated position. Be sure to take out the Chargers first to avoid the inferno they can start without much difficulty.

Take Over:
You will unlock a new Safe House and an Automated Store. You will also find a Memory Card inside the Safe House. In addition an Island League Racing Challenge and a Path of the Hunter side quest will open up. This is the final Rare Animal Hunt where you need to use a Bow to kill the Maneater Shark.