Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 84 – Outpost Guide Part 17: Tequila Sunrise

Come at Tequila Sunrise from the North. This gives you a great perspective on the camp as a whole and makes it easier to track down the different guards by shifting your position some. At this Outpost you will need to deal with 2 Heavies, 2 Soldiers, 1 Charger and 2 Alarm Post.

Come in from the North along the Eastern side. You will find yourself easily nearby one of the alarm post. This makes it very simple for you to quickly approach and disable the alarm. Now head all the way over to the West. There is a Hut that one of the Heavy Soldiers will rest in. You want to find it and wait behind it for the Heavy to go inside. Once he is, this is your best chance to take him out undetected.

Now head back out to the Safe House and go up the stairs behind it. This is the building with the 2 sets of stairs behind it. Here is one of the rare opportunities for you to you Dual Death From Above as those soldiers are standing very close to one another and by the building. Kill them and quickly move to the right. Hide in the nearby shack.

There are 2 foes left, a Heavy and a Soldier. First, go for the Heavy who is right in front of you. But you need to wait for the Soldier to be far away from his position to take him out without being detected. Now, just move forward and wait for the soldier to come closer. When he does, take him down.

This is not a hard place to take simply by force. Once again, come up on the Eastern side to  disable the alarms and stop reinforcements. Now head over to the Southern building, the Safe House. Once there you can take a minute to plant some mines or C4 at the base of the stairs. When you are ready, start shooting on the soldiers below. Save a grenade or a RPG Round for the 2 Heavies to deal with them quickly as they can ruin most attempts.

Take Over:
Taking over this place will give you access to a new Poker game, Sharpshooter challenge and Wanted Dead side quest.