Far Cry 3 Crafting Guide - Syringes

Medicine: Default
1 Green Leaf
Heals 2 bars of health. Learn new skills to improve its strength.

Endorphin Boost: Clear “Pieces of the Past”
2 Green Leaves,  1 Blue Leaf
Gain 4 extra health slots and a full heal. Those Health Slots will not regenerate.

Hunter's Instincts: Default
1 Amber Leaf
Animals can be seen through their scent. Also, timid animals will not flee when approached.

Animal Repellent: Clear “Mushrooms of the Deep”
2 Amber Leaves
A serum, that repels animals and stops them from attacking you. Will not work on aquatic animals like sharks and crocodiles.

Deadly Hunter: Clear “Playing the Spoiler”
2 Amber Leaves, 1 Crimson Leaf
Focuses strength when fighting to deal more damage to animals.

Fireproof: Default
2 Crimson Leaves
A Combination of dermatological agents that eliminates burn damage for a short time.

Enhanced Perception: Clear “The Medusa's Call”
2 Crimson Leaves
Heightened senses allow enemies to be located by their scent, and explosives to be seen through their chemical emissions.

Sharpshooter: Clear “A Man named Hoyt”
2 Crimson Leaves,  1 Amber Leaf
A cocktail of stimulants that gives increased accuracy when shooting from the hip.

Deep Dive: Clear “Island Port Hotel”
2 Blue Leaves, 1 Green Leaf
Allows the user to hold their breath as long as the serum is active.

Sprint Burst: Clear “Save Oliver”
2 Blue Leaves
Run and swim faster for a brief period through stimulated adrenaline production.

Nature Boy: Clear “Once More With Dignity”
1 Blue Leaves
Grants a heightened sense of chlorophyll, enabling a person to see plants nearby.

Untouchable: Collect 30 Relics
Use a surge of energy to dull even the worst pain and become temporarily immune to damage.

Touch Of Death: Collect 40 Relics
The serum enhances marksmanship and perception, enabling one shot kills.

Special Arrows:
Fire Arrow: Clear “Keeping Busy”
1 Molotov
This arrows creates a fire at its point of impact. You need a regular arrow to craft this.

Explosive arrow: Clear “Kick the Hornet's Nest”
1 Grenade
This arrows explodes at its point of impact. You need a regular arrow to craft this.