Guild Wars 2 – Clown College

Head on out to Beetletun. You will find the entrance to the instance to start this story mission by the entrance to Beetletun. You can fast travel out there and go to the Northeast to find the instance.

Once inside the instance you will find yourself entering a cinematic:
Tamer: "Better be careful around here, strange. Lots of ways for a snooper to get hurt. Accidently, I mean. What do you want?"
Hero: "I want to join the carnival. Can you give me my big break? I just need the opporunity to show off my talents."
Clown: "What have we here? Ladies and gentlemen, it's audition time! Winners get applause. Losers get rotten fruit. Either way, it'll be a show worth watching."
Mime: "How fun. This darling optimist is being granted a grand solipism! Let's see those exhibition skills."
Hero: "Wait ... the mime talks?"
Clowm: "Of course. He's a mime, not a mute. Step right up. All you have to do is pass the Magic Trine: Three Circus challenges."
Tamer: "The mime, the clown, and I will test your talent. Once we see what you can do, we'll know what do with you. Let the show begin!"

You get to choose the order and there is no one way to go through this.

The Mime's Test
Your skills are replaced temporarily with emotes. You must match the movements that the mime does 5 times. Once you get all 5 in a row, he will concede defeat. If you make a mistake, do not worry. This test continues until you get 5 straight right.

The Clown's Test
This is a very simple test. You need to have your character tell a joke. To pull it off you need to simply choose one line to follow in the story. Keep any one line in mine and you will be fine. No matter what you choose, you will pass this audition.

The Tamer's Test
The Tamer tells you that you must face real danger as well. She will test you by piting you against 2 Jungle Stalkers that will immediately attack you. You need to defeat them and all the tests will be passed. Make it through in one to qualify for this, but you still need to deal with the Stalkers if they get the better of you.

When you pass the final test you will once again enter a cinematic with the Performers:
Mime: "You stand on the precipice of stardom. Your talent will astound audiences. Millions will lavish you with adulation."
Clown: "he speaks the truth. You passed all three tests with flying colors. You'll be amazing, and you even look great in tight pants."
Tamer: "Wait until the Ringmaster gets a load of you. He's always looking for fresh talent."
Hero: "The Ringmaster? Is he the boss? When do I get to meet him?"
Mime: "Patience, earnest neophyte. The ringmaster returns this evening with toys of Uzolan's Workshop – including a fresh batch of grizwhirls."
Clown: "Relax. You're one of us now, so you have free run of the place. Just stay out opf the warehouse. The ringmaster doesn't like anyone going in there without permission."

Head over to the East and into the building there. You will find the warehouse door and can easily get in. Once inside you will find hypnotized children to the North. Just after you encounter them, another set of Carnies will attack you. This time it is only 2 but they act just like the others that attacked you during the last mission. Keep moving to avoid their shield bash and do your best to take them down.

When they do go down you will trigger the next cutscene to close out the mission by talking with Logan outside the Warehouse:
Hero: "Logan, I found the boy. He's fine physically, but something has affected hios mind. It has something to do with a weird toy. The carnies know more than they're letting on."
Logan: "Hand it over, Garand. As for you, carnie, tell me what's going on here, or you'll spend the rest of your life in a cell for kidnapping this boy.
Performer: "When you put it like that ... we needed the kids to test Uzolan's grizwhirls. And, uh, if you want to find the Ringmaster, there's a meeting tonight for new recruits. That's all I know."
Logan: "It's a start. Stick around, you clown. I mean ... yeah."

Finally talk with Logan to choose which path you will take for the next part of the mission. Do you seek out the Workshop (The Artist's Workshop) or crash the meeting ("Into the Woods").