Guild Wars 2 – The Floating Grizwhirl

Head on into Divinity's Reach and go to the Upper City. You will find the entrance to the instance without any trouble. Once insdie you will start the instance and begin this storyline for those who chose that their big regret was not joing the circus, a missed opporunity. Head into Logan's office to start things off. This happens as a Cinematic:
Logan Thackeray: "You're just in time. Minister Caudecus was just telling me that a child has gone missing."
Minister Caudecus: "As part of my community outreach program, Ministry officials treated a group of orphans to a day at the carnival. One of the boys wandered off, and now we can't find him. Poor little guy. It is paramount that we find this young man swiftly. These children have already known such pain, given the loss of their home at the orphanage ... tragic."
Hero: "I will help search for him, Minister."
Caudecus: "Good. I leave this in your hands then. Since Captain Thackeray has such faith in you, so do I."
Logan: "The boy's name is Garand. He's ten years old and wearing a red shirt. I've got Seraph seraching too. I've never seen Caudescus so worried – must be conc ern for his political career."
Hero: "I hope the boy's all right. I'll start by asking around the carnival. Maybe someone saw him."
Logan: "The circus performs every afternoon. If you head down there and talk to the entertainers, you might find someone who can tell us more."

Head on out of the office and leave this first instance. It is time to seek out the second one. Head out tothe Road of Dwanya and over to the left. It is only a short way down the ramp and over to the start of the next instance. The next part changes slightly depending on your background. Nobles will find Faren, Street Rats will find Riot Alice and Commoners will find Petra and her Father. Talk with them and you will hear what they have to say and get to see the performance. You get to take down the loose viper. Just let loose a little attack and it will go down.

Once the performance is over the Hero will talk with their friend. They will understand what you are up to but have to depart. Time to start talking with the rest of the circus crew. First is Madame Gilda. All these are done in cinematics:
Gilda: "Gods Blessings! Your aura reveals much about you. Tell Madame Gilda what you are seeking."
Hero: "I'm looking for a lost boy. Who may have come this way. He's about ten, wearing a red shirt. Have you seen any unattended children?"
Gilda: "I have not. But boys love snakes and snails and scaly drake tails. I'd talk to the Snake Charmer if I were you."
Hero: "Thank you. I'll do that."
Gilda: "Hmm, I see it. I see that you will find the child. You will, however, uncover startling secrets. Beware the grizwhirl."

Head over to the next booth and talk with the Fabulous Charkravarti. You will find him to the North of the Seer:
Hero: Pardon me. I'm looking for a boy in a red shirt. He strayed from his group and hasn't returned. I'm hoping he came this way."
Chakravarti: "I saw a boy. He asked if I'd ever met a snake I couldn't tame. I told him snakes just need love, like everybody else."
Hero: "interesting but did you see where the kid went?"
Chakravarti: "Yeah. He called me a weirdo and went to gawk at Boris the Strong Man."

Turn to the East and head to the opposite side of the carnvial as Chakravarti. There you will find Boris the Strongman. Talk with him to learn more of the Garand's fate:
Boris: "Hey, skinny! Come, test your strength against Boris. Boris is daring you."
Hero: "No time for that. I'm looking for a boy in a red shiort. I'm told he came this way. Have you seen him?"
Boris: "Yes! Boris HAS seen boy. He asked how to build bigger muscles. Boris told him he must work hard. He said he'd rather have a grizwhirl and went to the stables."
Hero: "Grizwhirl? That's the second time I've heard that word. What is it?"
Boris: "Boris does not know. Boris suspects, but Boris does not speak until he is certain. Go to the stables. You will see for yourself."

Head to the South and go through the door. You will find the stables and things are not going too well. Once inside you need to search the stables to find the Grizwhirls that are stashed somewhere inside. Before that you will be attacked by 4 Forest Spiders. Before you search too much, deal with the Spiders as things are not going to stay this calm. One will appear if you investigate the covered wagon, the Male Knight bumper car to the right of it and the far right section of the stables.

With the spiders dead head to the opposite side of the stables and you will fidn a lone box that you can investigate. Do so to trigger a cutscene after you learn what is inside it:
Hypnotized Circus Performer: "Grizwhirl ... grizwhirl ... grizwhirl ..."
Hero: "Excuse me. I'm looking for a lost child – a little boy around ten years old in a red shirt. His name's Garand."
Performer: "No entry... employees only ... unauthorized access ... kill the intruder ..."
Hero: "What? Look, Slack-jaw, I don't want any trouble. Stay away from me."
Performer: "Kill the intruder! Hey, rube! Hey, rube!"

This leads to you fighting 3 of the performers, all of whom have shields. They do like to use the Shield Bash attack so get some distance from them or break for the outside and take them on there if you are a lighter armor class and having trouble with them. Try to keep them dazed or respond as is best for your style of fighting.

Once you take down the 3 Hypnotized Performers head to the North. You need to talk with Logan about what is going here. Once there it is time for another cinematic with him to finish this mission:
Hero: "There's something rotten at that carnival. I couldn't find the boy, but I believe the workers know something. I was ambushed by a pack of glassy-eyed carnies."
Logan: "Hm. Carnies don't trust outsiders. Maybe you should go undercover. There's a carnival training camp near Beetlerun. If you can get hired, they'll be more likely to talk freely to you."
Hero: "Join the circus? You have no idea how long I've been waiting to hear that. I'm in."
Logan: "I'll be just outside the Carnie camp with a squad of Seraph. Signal when you learn something – or if you need help."