Guild Wars 2 – Liberation

Head on out of the Kessex Hills. You will have little trouble finish the instance entrance. Head on into it to begin this final chapter of the story. Once inside a cinematic will run:
Hero: “Captain Thackeray, you made it. Hal's information led me to a Lionguard named Dansky, who used to deliver messages for Tervelan. Minister Arton's not guilty. Someone was framing him to take the fall if this treason was ever discovered. It's got to be someone else in the ministry. Someone with money, power and ambition.”
Logan Thackeray: “Destroying Falcon Company weakened the Seraph,  and turned public opinion against the Queen. It was a clever plan – and it almost worked.”
Hero: “I want to see if these bandits have any answers, and, if Dwayna is smiling on us, find my sister. Let's go.”

Head to the Northwest and it will not be long before you find the first of your opponents. It starts with a Bandit turret. Approach it with caution and take it out. Kill the bandit inside then destroy the turret to find the path behind it that will lead into the bandit's cave. Inside you have 4 bandits to deal with. 3 are melee while one will hang back and fire in with their bow. Defeat them and head deeper into the cave.

There you will find 3 more bandits that you need to deal with. These are higher class bandits so they are harder to fight. The hard part is they are not the last wave. There are 6 more Bandits that need to be dealt with after them. 3 of them will attack after you take out the first 3. The another will attack after you have defeated the other 6 and are starting to explore around the cages. Behind that one you will have 2 more guarding a door. Kill them as well.

When you kill all the bandits, the last one will have something to say that will play out in a quick cinematic:
Hero: “Who were you working for? Who set this up?”
Bandit: “Caudecus … but you'll never ... prove it ...”
Logan: “Curse it all, that's bandits testimony was the only evidence we had!”
Hero: “At least we know the truth, and we can protect the queen. It's not enough, but it'll have to do.”
Logan: “You're right. We'll figure out what to do after we free these prisoners and get them back to the city.”

When you let out the prisoners the hero will find their missing sister. Just head to the cell door that the bandits were guarding and you will be reunited with her. This will bring the “Missing Sister” Human storyline to a close.