Guild Wars 2 – Seeking Logan's Aid

head back to Divinity's Reach and get into the Royal Courtyard in the center of it. There you will find Logan's office offered as a separate instance. Head on inside to trigger it and begin this part of the story. Head on over to the desk and talk with Logan Thackeray:

Hero: “Captain, I'm afraid I have bad news. Tervelan is a traitor. He sent me into centaur territory, promising back up, but he never actually sent anyone. He meant for us to die there.”
Logan: “That's outrageous. He's a Seraph Captain.  You're sure it wasn't just a misunderstanding?”
Hero: “I'm sure. I found the rest of Herrinton's journal at the centaur camp. It blatantly accuses Tervelan of conspiring with the centaurs that ambushed Falcon Company. Tervelan didn't want me investigating these deaths to the point where he nearly got me killed. I know he's hiding something Captain.”
Logan: “All right. I need to talk to Tervelan myself. Meet me at the Eldvin Monastery. I'll get there as soon as I can. If he's responsible for the Falcon Company incident, we'll make sure he answers for it.”

Head to the Eldvin Monastery. To the South of the Monastery you will find the entrance to the next part of this story. Enter the instance and then talk with Logan. Head into the Monastery after that and go up the stairs in the back right. These will take you to the wall and from there you can easily get to the Captain.

Captain Tervelan: “Oh look, it's my lucky day. The city  kid is back again, and this time, you brought Captain Thackeray. Two heroes for the price of one. Hm. Nobody's smiling?”
Hero: “You left me and Bigsby alone at that centaur camp, on purpose. Were you hoping we wouldn't make it out alive? Was I getting too close to the truth about what happened to Falcon Company?Tervelan: “You dare accuse a real soldier of treason? If you'd seen half what I've seen, you'd fall out of your boots. Just 'cause you run around with the queen's lackey, her boyfriend, you think you can undermine my authority?”
Logan: “That's crossing the line, Tervelan. I hereby relieve you of your command. I'm taking you back to Divinity's Reach for questioning. I'd prefer if you come peacefully.”
Tervelan: “Sorry to disappoint you. Gordan! Reginald! Muster the men! One hundred gold to the man who silences these two – for good!”
Hero: “He's ordering the Seraph to kill us? Will they do it?”
Logan: “They might. Listen here! Anyone who attacks us will be committing treason! I will show you no mercy to turns against Kryta for gold or who protects a traitor like Tervelan.”

Things break out into fighting now. You need to take on at least 5 Corrupt Seraph. There is a good variety in this smaller number so stay alert and bring them down quickly. Hardest to deal with, is Tervelan. He has more health and hits a bit harder than the rest. Track him down after you have dealt with the rest to make sure you can easily deal with him separate. Once he gets below half health he will head to the previous post and call on the Seraph here to try to stop you and Logan. There are only 3 here but Tervelan's health will be partly restored. Keep an eye on it after you take down the other guards. This time you can get him down to a quarter life but he will run.

This time he will make it to the courtyard. Once again, he will call on the Seraph Traitors to attack both you and Logan. Fight through them and then focus on him once again. He is very bad at the whole running while your foe is occupied. Once again, he will run when his health gets to a quarter.

Head outside the monastery and deal with the one guard out there who will attack you. After that, Tervelan will attack. Follow him into the practice room and fight him. His health will likely have fully restored at this point so keep at him. Get him down to a quarter again and talk with him after he surrenders.

Tervelan: “Enough. I surrender! I'll tell you whatever you want to know.”
Hero: “Did you send Falcon Company into an ambush?”
Tervelan: “I didn't want to do it. My soldiers were starving, our equipment was ruined. I had to do something or the centaurs would have killed us all. So, yeah,  I sold out Falcon Company so that some politician could say the Queen was a bad ruler. The rest of my command lived. I got funds to reequip my soldiers, munitions, decent rations, and a promotion. My command's killed more centaurs than the rest of the Seraph combined – thanks to Falcon Company's sacrifice.”
Logan: “Who paid you? Give me a name, now, or by Lyssa's tears, you will never see the outside of a prison cell again.”
Tervelan: “I … I never met the guy, but he signed his letters 'Minister Arton'. That's all I know, I swear it.”
Logan: “Arton is one of the Queen's Advisers. We need to warn Jennah – and fast. She may be in danger. Tervelan, by my authority as a captain of the Queen's Seraph, you're under arrest.”
Hero: “I'll meet you back at Divinity's Reach Captain.”

This will lead to the next mission, “Accusation” in Divinity's Reach.