Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 83 – Outpost Guide Part 16: Hubert Shore Power

Head to the Mountainside behind the Outpost. Look around on the Northern face and you will find a small hut with a Zipline running down to the camp. Ride it down and you will land on the roof of the warehouse in the camp. You can also get onto the roof of the warehouse by approaching it from the South and climbing up the vine that rests on that side. This puts you in a great position to quickly mark all of the 4 Soldiers and 3 Chargers that occupy the camp

Head over to the Western side of the warehouses. There is likely a soldier looking into a cage there. Inside the cage is a leopard that you can easily unleash on the rest of the camp. The leopard does not stand much of a chance but it will likely take a Soldier or two out. You can also use this time as a distraction to get a free shot in on something with a silenced weapon and only cause a little alarm. Still, it is better to let the leopard do the work as it will keep the pirates more sedate. Now drop off the warehouse to the East and head South to the Trees near the Chargers and soldiers. Hide in the bushes bearby the fencing and throw a rock or two at the fence. This will lure the nearby charger over, eventually and then let you get at least one soldier. Head to the South and to the edge of the Southern building. Be careful as there may be Boar in the area and they will attack you. Kill it quietly if it does.

Now that you are at the Southern building find where you can climb it. Wait for the soldier up there to move over to the Western end then climb up and take him down. Now head back off the building to the South then over to the East. Stay in cover and throw a rock out and away from the camp. This will lure another of the guards away from the Outpost so you can easily kill him. Now move over to the North and the entrance of the Camp. Wait for the patrolling guard to come over and then throw a rock to the left of him. This will lure him out of sight of his 2 remaining compatriots. Take him down outside the Outpost.

Now you just have the remaining two pirates.  Loop around the building to the East to where you were originally luring people. Watch the two pirates and when the other is looking away (or you want to throw a rock and lure that second one away). Kill the closer one then quickly approach and take down the last remaining soldier.

Get up onto the Warehouse to mark all the soldiers. When you are ready to start the take over, move over to the Western side of the Warehouse and free the Leopard there. Take a moment to snipe the alarm post to the right and then start firing down on the soldiers below. It will not be too hard to take the Outpost. Just be absolutely sure to pick off the Chargers first as they will be lobbing Molotovs and Grenades at you otherwise.

Take over:
When you take over the outpost you will unlock the usual safe house and automated shop. In addition,  you can head into the Safe House and find another Memory Card. This will also unlock the side quests: “Once More With Dignity”, a new Island League Racing Challenge and a Path of the Hunter.