Far Cry 3 WalkthrouFar Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 82 – Outpost Guide Part 15: Hubris farm

The best direction to assess the farm from is North of it. You will find a winding trail above it that allows for a great view on onto it. This will let you easily seek out and mark the soldiers who are occupying the area. There are 2 Soldiers, 2 Chargers and 2 Snipers spread throughout the Outpost.

Approach the Northern side of Hubris farms through the underbrush. Your first concern is the Sniper on the Eastern end and the 2 Soldiers. The soldiers are simply looking to the North but can easily be ignored by going far enough way from there. The Sniper will actually look behind periodically and needs to be watched more carefully. When his back is turn, head over to the West through the bushes to get started on this take over. At the Western end you will find the second Sniper who is much more intent on looking toward the entrance of the outpost then the mountain behind it. Head to the right-hand side of the building from the rear and you will find a climbable ledge. Take the Sniper down and haul his body out of sight. Tempting as it might be, do not use a Knife throw to take down one of the chargers. This puts the rest on alert.

Now hop off the back of the building and head to the left-hand side of it. Throw a rock into the bushes and watch the reaction of the nearby chargers. This will lure the nearby one into the bushes where you can easily ambush him for another stealth kill. Now slip over to the left through the gap in the buildings and you can find the alarm. Approach and disable it.

You have one charger left in this area to deal with. When the sniper is looking back, move forward and just take him down. Now you have the 2 Soldiers and the Sniper. If you have chained take downs, this will be very easy. The same goes for the Knife Throw take down as well. Creep along the front of the building and get behind the 2 soldiers. From there just take them down the Sniper is looking away. After that, just head up the stairs when the Sniper is looking toward the front of the camp and you will have no problem taking him out and taking over the Outpost.

Head around to the Northern side of camp through the bushes to avoid detection. Slip over to the far right-hand buildings (to the West) and look for the break in the buildings with the bushes. Sneak through that over to the left and you will find the alarm. Quickly head over to it and disable it. After that head to the North of camp, start with the Sniper who is nearby on the roof and then take out the rest as needed.

Take Over:
Along with the usual Safe House and Gun Store you will also unlock Connection to the Past, and a new Wanted: Dead Side Quest.