Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 81 – Sidequests – Shotgun Hunt: Undying Bear, Supply Drops

Path of the Hunter: Shotgun Hunt: Undying Bear
Accept the quest from the Outpost. An “Undying Bear” has attacked some campers and it needs to be taken down. Head to the marked location to get the shotgun of the mission. This bear's pelt is used to make the extend rucksack so you can carry up to 96 items inside it. Take the path to the right of the Outpost and you will have little trouble finding the marker location to gear up.

The Hunt:
Head to the Southeast from the gear up location, going up the slope. Follow the path right into the cave that is at the cap of it. Use some Hunter's Instinct to see the bear well in advance as it is the only creature inside the cave. Approach it quietly and aim for its head with the first blast. Remember, you do not want not to get close else it will literally rip you apart.

Supply Drop: X:248.8 , Y:356.6
Time for another Supply Drop. Hop in the quad bike at this coordinates and you are ready. Accept the mission and start going forward. You have 60 seconds to complete the run.

Keep your speed somewhat low until you are off the grass and onto the road at the first flare. From there  Head down to the next flare then pull a sharp right turn and head down the slope for the next 2 flares. Turn a little to the right and go from there back onto the grass and hold a steady course over the grass toward the next marker. When you go over the ledge, angle slightly to the left so you will land and face the next flare easily. Head through the flare and over to the right toward the following flare.

Supply Drop: X:364.4, Y:339.8
Approach the and mount up on the buggy. You will be given the option to start this supply drop. You will have 65 seconds to complete the run.

Head right past the radio tower that this supply drop appeared from. Once past it turn to the left slightly and hit the ramp head on. Once you land from the jump go over to the left along the path in front of you. Once again the flare sits on a ramp. Take the jump as best you can and start for the next marker. Head through the next two markers which are just on the ground and require a little navigating to avoid crashing into things. Now you will be on the road. Just follow the flares so to the bridge. Cross it and head to the left to stay on route. It is just a short run from the end of the bridge over to the final marker now.

Supply Drop: X:250.2, Y:443.4
Head to the West of the Radio Tower that gave this mission to find it. Hop into the quad bike and accept the mission. You will have 50 seconds to complete the run.

Start out by gunning it forward and staying on the road. You have a number of flares to go through and keeping to the road is not the easiest thing to do with its bumps and light twists. As you pass through the small outbuildings, keep to the road avoid losing time to just hitting buildings. Once through there, break from the road to follow the next flare down the slopes. Keep strictly to the road and slow slightly. You will make it to the end of the supply drop in 10 seconds or less.