Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 80 – The Social Club

Part 1 – After Completing “Keeping Busy”
After the opening scene head over to the barkeep and get the drinks for everyone. This gives a nice little bit of insight to what the group was like before this whole incident. They are celebrating Riley getting his pilot's license.

Part 2 – After Completing “Saving Oliver”
Take the next pill and you will be back in the club in Bangkok. Head over to the right and go down the stairs to the dance floor. From there keep to the right but do not go down any farther. Instead head into the bathroom to the left of the next set of stairs. Jason will run into a friend and learn his brother is in there. Head inside the Bathroom you will find Keith and Riley nearly getting into a fight. Jason intervenes just in time to stop it.

Jason will wake up on the boat near where Daisy is working on it. You can talk with her if you have not afterward.

Part 3 – After Completing “Unhappy Reunion”
Head over to the berries that say, “Eat Me” and take one for the next part of this story. Hit the buttons that appear to dance. After a few moves the guys from the bathroom will come out and start a fight with Jason and Keith. Follow the prompts to block and then deliver a blow. After that just enjoy the scene in the elevator with everyone including the DJ, Doug. It brings them to what lead them to head out to Rook Island.