Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 79 – Outpost Guide Part 14: Cradle Gas

Come up on the Outpost from the from the North. This will easily let you see the 4 snipers and the 2 soldiers that guard this outpost. A quick sweep with your camera and you can see them all and mark them just as quickly. One of those soldiers arms a mounted gun so be careful.

This is best done by approaching the Outpost from the South. Jason can easily slip up to the fencing without any chance of being spotting. If you are coming from the north, be sure to cut deep into the jungle to get a lot of cover. Along the Northwestern side of the fencing you will find an opening in the fencing that you can slip through. Front here head over to the left to the base of the stairs on the building to your left. Just to the left of that you will find an alarm post. Quickly disable it so you do not need to worry about any more reinforcements.

Now, head up the stairs and watch the sniper above. When he is not looking at you and is sweeping the area below, throw a rock against the side of the building. This will lure one of the 2 guards from there down. Kill them then turn your attention toward the next one. Repeat the process to get them as well.

Now you have all the snipers and the few soldiers to deal with. You need to circle around to the West and South and get at the next elevated Sniper. Head along the back of the Outpost near the garage. Move against the garage wall. You will see some of the soldiers moving around nearby. Throw a rock to the right to lure one away from the group and behind the garage. Pick the mobile ones off like this from cover. All you need to do is move between the left and right-hand of t he garage.

Head through the Northwestern hole and over to the alarm to the left. Disable it to stop them from getting reinforcements and make the next part easier. Head on up the stairs and deal with the 2 soldiers there. You can, from here, grab the mounted gun and start firing on all the soldiers and snipers below. You can also stand by the alarm and they will, one at a time, go running toward it. Either way will get you through the fight for the outpost.

Take Over:
This will unlock the usual store and safe house. It will also give you access to another Wanted: Dead and Path of the Predator mission (The Undying Bear).