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Far Cry 3 – Skills Guide: The Spider
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 01/18/2013
A series of articles covering Far Cry 3. This covers the skill tree, The Spider, revealing what Jason must do to unlock the skill and when it unlocks.

Far Cry 3 – Skills Guide: The Spider

Sprint Slide – Default
Crouch while sprinting to slide along the ground.

Takedown Drag – Sprint Slide, 1 Takedown kill
Quickly hide enemy bodies when performing a standard take down.

Running Reload – Takedown Drag
Reload while sprinting.

Nimble Fingers – Running Reload, Complete “Meet Cirta”
Reload Pistols, SMGs & Shotguns 25% faster.

Quick Swap – Nimble Fingers, Complete “Meet Cirta”
Bring up Iron Sights and swap weapons faster.

Nimble Hands – Quick Swap, Clear "New Rite of Passage"
Reload Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles and LMGs 25% faster.

Knife Throw Takedown – Takedown Drag, Complete “Meet Cirta”
Kill an enemy then use his own knife to kill another. Get x3 XP for the initial and x5 XP for the knife kill.

Loot Takedown – Knife Throw Takedown, Complete “Meet Cirta”
Automatically loot a target when performing any takedown.

Horticulture 101 – Sprint Slide
Harvest twice as many items from plants.

Zoology 101 – Horticulture 101, Complete “Meet Cirta”
Harvest twice as many items from skinning animals.

Stonewall – Zoology 101, Complete “Meet Cirta”
receive less damage from animal attacks and reduces the chance of being knocked down by an enemy.

Penny Pincher – Loot 10 Bodies, Zoology 101, Clear "New Rite of Passage"
Find more money when looting enemies.

Deal Maker – Penny Pincher, Clear "New Rite of Passage"
Sell items for 25% more money.

Expert Archery – Sprint Slide, Complete “Meet Cirta”
Improve stability with the bow when lining up a shot.

Combat Archery – Expert Archery, Complete “Meet Cirta”
Draw and fire arrows 50% faster.

Expert Swimmer – Sprint Slide
Swim 25% faster when fast swimming.

Jungle Run – Expert Swimmer, Complete “Meet Cirta”
Move faster when crouched.

Ninja Step – Liberate 2 Outpost without being detected, Jungle Runner, Clear "New Rite of Passage"
Greatly reduces noise when walking or sprinting.