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Far Cry 3 – Skills Guide: The Heron
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 01/18/2013
A series of articles covering Far Cry 3. This covers the skill tree, The Heron, revealing what Jason must do to unlock the skill and when it unlocks.

Far Cry 3 – Skills Guide: The Heron

Cook Grenade: Default
Hold the Grenade Button to cook the grenade, then let go to throw it. Don't let it explode in your hand!

Death From Above: Cook Grenade, 2 Takedown Kills
Jump onto an enemy below and kill him. Get x5 XP per kill

Death From Below: Death From Above, “Meet Cirta”
Kill an enemy above on a climbable ledge. Get x5 XP per kill

Dual Death From Above: Death From Below, 1 Death From Above Takedown, “Meet Cirta”
Jump onto 2 enemies below and kill them. Get x7.5 XP per kill.

Gunslinger Takedown: Dual Death From Above, 10 Handgun Kills
Steal an enemy's pistol and use it to kill nearby enemies. Get x3 XP for the Takedown and x5 XP for each pistol kill.

Dual Death From Below: Dual Death From Above, 1 Death From Below Takedown, Clear "New Rite of Passage"
Kill 2 enemies above on a climbable ledge. Get x7.5 XP per kill.

Syringe Potency: Cook Grenade
Crafted Syringes last 25% longer.

Enhanced Syringe Potency: Syringe Potency, “Meet Cirta”
Crafted Syringes last 50% longer.

Hip Shooter: Cook Grenade
Improved hip-fire accuracy when using pistols, SMGs and shotguns

Aimed Reload: Hip Shooter, Complete “Meet Cirta”
Quickly reload any pistol or sniper rifle while aiming

Long Gun Expert: Aimed Reload, Complete “Meet Cirta”
Improved hip-fire accuracy when using assault rifles, sniper rifles and LMGs.

Steady Aim: Cook Grenade
Steady your aim for x2 as long through a scope.

Deep Breath: Steady Aim, Complete “Meet Cirta”
Stay underwater longer before needing to surface.

Breath Control: Deep Breath, Complete “Meet Cirta”
Steady your aim for x4 as long through a scope.

Marathon Man: Breath Control, Collect 5 Relics, Clear "New Rite of Passage"
Sprint indefinitely.

Line Gunner: Steady Aim, Complete “Meet Cirta”
Shoot one-handed weapons while using Ziplines

Soft Landing: Line Gunner, Complete “Meet Cirta”
Reduce falling damage by 25%

Cool Gunner: 10 Mounted Gun Kills, Soft Landing, Clear "New Rite of Passage"
Allows a mounted gun to fire longer before it overheats.