Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 78 – The Doctor is Out, Hard Choices

The Doctor Is Out
When Jason and Riley make it back to the mansion and find it on fire. Head around the burning wreckage and over to the pagoda found on the far side of the building .You will find Dr. Earnhardt there, bleeding and laying on some wreckage. The two talk and Jason learns just what has happened to his friends. He explains that Jungle Warriors came and took your friends to the temple. Sounds like there maybe another fight happening very soon. Head back to the helicopter and then it is off to the temple to deal with the Rakyat and Citra.

The Final Mission: Hard Choices
Jason will get out of the Helicopter and then head for the temple to the Southeast. You can take a little time to load up on syringes but restocking ammo remains out of the question. Get into the temple grounds and head fro the tree. There you will encounter a cutscene after Cirta blows something into Jason's face.

Citra will tie Jason up then start placing markings on him. She will leave and tell Jason to walk the path of the warrior. He will get free once again. Head on through the door in front of you. From there just walk up the steps as the warriors kneel in your passing. The first encounter you have is more a stun factor one. An apparition of a fiery Liza will appear and accuse you of shooting Vaas in the back. Jason will drop the knife. Keep moving forward and up the stairs toward the dais. A little way farther up and another apparition of Liza will appear and strip away the tattoos, the tatau on your arm. As you approach the end 2 major apparitions of Liza will appear and send a wave of fire over you. Just after that you will reach the end and Citra will present you with the knife. It is time to make the choice.

When Jason comes out of the Vision he is given 2 choices. He can save his friends (City Ending) or join Citra (Island Ending). Each leads to a different ending and you can still roam the island after either ending. Either way, this completes the storyline of Far Cry 3.

Below you will find brief descriptions of both of the endings

*** Ending Spoilers ***

City Ending
It finishes with a voice over from Jason after a quick fly over of the temple. On a splash screen with the ceremonial dagger and their boat he will talk of the rage that rests inside him. He will also talk of how there is something more inside as well, something more than the rage of the warrior.

Island Ending
It goes to a fertility ritual with Jason and Citra. After it comes to a climax Citra will stab Jason through the heart with the ceremonial dagger. She will explain that the child, the son, he has given her, will become the true leader of the Rakyat on the island.