Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 77 – Betting Against the House

Jason now has 12 minutes to get out of the compound and to the airstrip. It seems like a lot of time but it can melt away quickly. Your first opponent at the base of the stairs is a Flamethrower Soldier. You will likely start with your most powerful weapon equipped, use it to blast him down quickly. After that break into a run and get out of Hoyt's building to the left. You will encounter another blockade of soldiers intent on stopping you. Once again there will be a mounted gun that you need to deal with, soldiers and another Heavy with a Flamethrower.

After that you are out of the compound. From there head out and to the parking lot just outside to the right. Grab a car and start driving fast and hard. Ignore all the soldiers who are attacking you, going full throttle you will have nothing to worry about aside from just staying on the road and the Bridge going up. When you see that, do not flinch, just keep driving right at it and jump it.

When you get to the other side of the bridge break to the left to continue toward the marker. Liza will call you and let you know that someone is attacking their hiding place. Just press on toward the airport. One thing at a time.

When you get to the airport you will need to search it for Riley. If you want to make your life a lot easier and avoid a lot of the combat, sneak over to the right-hand side of the airport. Loop around the entirety of it. Look fo the Aeroport building. It is in the back left part of the airport itself. It is not easy to get in as there is a Flamethrower Unit just waiting inside with steel mesh all around him so he can roast you with some protect to himself. Use fireproof and get through with the door to the left of where you  see him. Head through to the back part, take him down, then continue over to the left to find the barred door. Interact with it to break through and get to Riley.

With Riley in tow you need to clear the area so he can reach the nearby helicopter. There are 2 Heavy Units you will need to worry about both with Flamethrowers. They have at least 3 other Soldiers with them. Gun them all down and Riley will be able to get to the helicopter with Jason. Run over to it and Jason tells Riley he needs to fly the helicopter then mans the machine gun mounted on it. You have a number of soldiers already on you so shoot them down. Be sure to use burst fire to help keep the gun cool.

When you start hearing “Flight of the Valkyries” then you are almost off the ground. It is only a short while after that that Riley manages to get the helicopter off the ground. Just keep firing on Hoyt's forces until you are clear of the airport. Things do not get any easier from here. First you have a car, then a boat on the river. After that you need to contend with RPG Snipers who are on the rooftops of the hangers firing at you and Riley. Either pick them off with machine gun fire or just shoot the building. More often than not the building will blow up.

After that section look forward, to the left. There is a truck on the bridge and soldiers around it. Blast the truck with a spurt of fire to take most of them out and the bridge as well. After that, Riley will circle back around over the airport. Strafe the buildings with fire to destroy them but focus on any soldiers that you see as they can take down the helicopter given enough of a chance. He will go over another bridge after that and you need to blast some soldiers and trucks on. When he circles around it for a second time there will be 3 helicopters attacking you and a boat as well. Once again, use more burst fire to keep the gun cool and shoot them each down in turn. The helicopters are the final round that you need to get through to finish out this mission. After that Jason and Riley will make it out safely.