Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 76 – Aced In The Hole

When you talk with Sam he makes it perfectly clear (as does the game) that this is your last chance to manually save the game. This will give you a point to revert to as well as continued access to the Privateer Outfit. If you have not manually saved yet, now is the time. This will also give you a chance to see both endings of the game. Once you are ready agree to head in and deal into the poker game.

This first hand, it really does not matter what you do as its outcome is fixed. Just go all in and there is little else you need to do for the hand. Before the second hand, everything gets revealed and Hoyt tells what he has been up to with regards to Jason. He apparently knew what Jason looked like and went along the path that would let him see what Jason was capable of.

For the second hand and third hand things are largely automatic and you do not need to make many choices. Just for both hands Jason must choose to bet his life. This will go until Jason loses. At this point Hoyt calls the debt and takes Jason's ring finger on his left hand. It is at this point that Jason enters into that strange state.

Once again the big fight comes across as something of a trance. There is a long button sequence that you must hit quickly to make it through the whole of the fight with Hoyt and come out alive. Any error will restart the scene and you get another chance. Each button press needs to be hit a little faster in each sequence. The first one is usually the hardest but death lurks behind any error here. Get through the 5 sequences and Hoyt will be dead (and everyone else in the room).