Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep - Character Guide: Aqua

    Starting Stats and Commands
    Command Styles
    Unlocking Finish Commands
Dimension Links

Aqua is very concerned for her friends. She is the only one to receive the Mark of Mastery in the Exam. She is a strong spell caster but has a weaker striker than her peers. She proves to be very timid when faced with any form of advance. While at times soft spoken, she will commit to a goal and stay with it until the end.

Story-wise, Aqua frequently is the one who deals with the end portion of the story.

Aqua takes more finesse to handle because of her strong focus on magic. She strikes are weak, but it gives you more incentive to use her spells. She is also the only one who's defense command will protect her on all sides. She can perform this block both on the ground and in mid-air. She does not have a dash command and instead cart wheels.

Starting Stats and Commands
HP: 40
Strength: 3
Magic: 5
Defense: 2

Command Deck
Quick Blitz

Bubble Blaster

Command Styles
Basic Commands
Spellweaver – Unlocked After the Mastery Exam
Triggers: Different types of Magic

Firestorm – Defeat the Boss in Enchanted Dominion
Triggers: Fire-related commands

Diamond Dust – Defeat the Boss in Oylpmic Colluseum
Triggers: Ice-related commands

Thunderbolt – Finish escorting Jaq in Castle of Dreams
Triggers: Thunder-related commands

Advanced Commands
Bladecharge – Defeat the First Boss in Radiant Garden
Triggers: Fire/Ice-related commands or strike attacks

Ghost Drive – Clear Never Land's Boss
Triggers: Magnet or Thunder-related commands or reprisals

Sky Climber – Complete the “Combined Threat” event in Mirage Arena
Triggers: Gravity, Magnet, Lunge or Jump (like Quick Blitz) commands

Special Command
Frozen Fortune – In Disney Town’s Ice Cream Blast, earn a score of “Fantastic!” playing “Dessert Paradise” at Master level.
Trigger: 20% chance of trigger when using an Ice Cream Related item

Unlocking Finish Commands
When you choose Finishing Command, you gain the ability to unlock other Finish Commands. When you unlock a new Finish Command, be sure to see what command is selected for use.

Level 1
Finish: Initial Available
Unlocks: Heat Slash, Magic Pulse 1, Gold Rush

Level 2
Heat Slash – Trigger Firestorm Command Style 8 times

Magic Pulse 1 – Earn 2,000 CP defeating enemies
Unlocks: Magic Pulse 2, Twisted Hours, Ramuh’s Judgement

Gold Rush – Earn 1,000 munny by defeating enemies
Unlocks: Twisted Hours, Surprise 1

Level 3
Ramuh’s Judgement – Trigger Thunderstorm Command Style 12 times

Magic Pulse 2 – Earn 3,800 CP by defeating enemies
Unlocks: Heal Strike, Dark Star 1

Twisted Hours – Take 7,000 steps
Unlocks: Surprise 2

Surprise 1 – Earn 1,400 munny defeating enemies
Unlocks: Surprise 2

Heat Strike 2 – Trigger Firestorm Command Style 12 times

Level 4
Magic Pulse 3 – Defeat 350 enemies
Unlocks: Magic Pulse 4, Explosion, Ice Burst

Heal Strike – Take Lethal Damage 5 times

Surprise 2 – Earn 5,200 munny by defeated enemies

Level 5
Magic Pulse 4 – Defeat 500 enemies
Unlocks Teleport Strike

Explosion – Earn 6,400 CP

Ice Burst – Trigger the Diamond Dust Command Style 15 times

Level 6
Teleport Strike – Defeat 800 Enemies

Dimension Links
Ventus and Terra – Unlocked After Mastery Exam
Mickey – Visit the Front Doors in the Radiant Garden
Cinderella – Defeated the boss of Castle of Dreams
Zack – Beat him in Olympus Coliseum
Experiment 626 – Complete Deep Space
Peter Pan – Clear Never Land
Donald – Speak wirth Yen Sid in the Mysterious Tower
Pete – Random chance of gaining after clearing Disney Town, on Disney Town Command Board