Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 75 – Black Gold

For this mission you want to Fast Travel over to Delta Camp on the Eastern end of the island. This makes for a simple trip to the Northwest to get to the fuel depot. There you will find Sam waiting by an improvised armored car. Considering the supplies on the island it does seem the best he could do. After the two talk it is time to then get into the car. Sam wants you to drive over to the Oil Reservoirs and he will be firing on everything trying to kill you with a .50 cal gun. Whatever it is, it is going to be dead.

You need to drive to 4 locations, get out of the car and then clear out the soldiers and plant explosives at each of the sites. This is a lot easier with the aid of Sam on the truck.

The first one is the one in the Northeastern corner. Just drive over there and you will have little trouble getting a bead on where you need to go. The problem is the 8 soldiers who are standing around under the awning to you need to cross through. Get the jeep close enough that Sam will fire on them. Get out and then use your explosives to deal with the rest of the men. From there head through the opening in the fence and to the oil tanks behind you. Be careful as there is a Flamer behind the fencing underneath the awning. You can easily get the drop on him at least.

This second is best done now as the enemies around it have thinned which greatly reduces the chance of them getting Sam. Clear out the enemies around the entry to the low hut and then head through under the entrance way. Once inside, look for the 2 soldiers moving away from the piping. Pull out something explosive and attack them. There is a Heavy inside here as well. He will keep  his back to you so take advantage of that if you can take them down. After that, just charge the pipe line, plant the explosives and run for the car.

The third location is the Fuel Reserve in the Northwestern Corner of the camp. Do what you can to loop around the area a little first to take out the soldiers and then deal with the one truck that is in the area. Take out the soldiers on top of the tanks as well as the ones in the truck. After that you want to head for the marked location and get over to the piping. Once there plant the explosives and run for the truck. Get away from this sit and head for the next one.

The final location is at a warehouse in the Southwestern corner of all this. Here you need to deal with a large number of soldiers and a Heavy as well. Take on the soldiers by throwing some explosives or Molotovs into the Warehouse. This will draw out the Heavy who will directly attack you. This is when you pull out the heavy artillery and cut him down. After that head into the Warehouse over to the West and around the stairs. There you will find the place to plant the explosives. You then heave 20 seconds to get out of the blast range. Just run out of the warehouse and for the Jeep. Once in the jeep turn the wheel away from there and step on it. Just ignore all the soldiers as they will be dead very soon.

Move away from the final depot and head for the Northwestern part of the camp again. Here Sam will get out and tell you to man the machine gun. Do so and it is time to deal with all the Soldiers that are coming at you. From the right you will have to deal with at least 2 Trucks with manned Turrets. Gun down the driver and gunner quickly. There will also be a lot of soldiers coming at you as well. Fire on them but also use the nearby explosive barrels and tanks to level the field more. There will be one final truck from the left that you need to deal with. After that, Sam will come out and start driving you out of there. Just gun for whatever you can and enjoy the spree. You are nearly there.