Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 74 – Paint It Black: Inside the Bunker

Once you make it inside the Bunker you do not need to worry about the soldiers on the outside. Do yourself a favor and equip the Molotov Cocktail as your thrown weapon and get ready to use it. You have 7 soldiers that will rush your starting position. Opposed to just heading into the opening room of the bunker, wait off to the side. From here wait until one of the soldiers storms the room you are in. You can either take him down or gun him down. Either way, if you have the Grenade Takedown, this is a great time to use it to quickly thin out the other room. If you do not, then it is time to start the party and throw in the Molotovs into the room. Be sure that you have some Fireproof if you are taking this course of action.

With the initial wave down you can head deeper into the bunker. Take a moment in the back of the room to disable the alarm by going at the controls on the right-hand side. Go straight through to the next room. Take a moment here as you will find both Body Armor and ammo. Stock up and suit up then wait by the doorway. There are 2 Privateers which are clearing the room in front of you. If you use Enhanced Perception you will see them as well as the rest of their squad which is over to the right and through the next doorway in that direction. Take them down then move very carefully toward the next doorway which is to the Northeast.

When you start dealing with this group, it does include a Flamer Soldier as well as 6 regular Soldiers. You need to blow up the Flamer Soldier to make your life a lot easier. After that, just throw some additional explosives in that direction to quickly wipe out the rest of the force. Head down the hallway and you will find another computer room on your right. Head through it and through to the hallway after it.

Set into this hallway carefully. There are only 2 soldiers, but one has a Flamethrower. You can either throw in some explosives to lure him forward or aim to confront him head on. If you have any flameproof left, then you have little to worry about. Just fight your way through them and go up the stairs to find the ladder you are looking for. Head on up it to make it topside.

Now things get really tricky if you want to keep to stealth. There is a sniper just next to the position you come up on. The best thing to do to stay in cover is go over to the very edge of it so you can just see the Sniper. Mark them to get an idea of where they are and then get a quick head shot in on him. With him down, head across to the bushes near where his lookout was. From there you can slip through to the satellite dish without much difficulty at all.

Get into the bunker underneath the dish and go against the left-hand side of the doorway into the trenches. From there throw a rock to lure one of the 2 soldiers above you down. When he gets there, quickly take him down. Follow that up with killing the other side and the dog. With the area clear, take some time to plant some mines to make the following part a lot easier. Place them along the trenches leading to the Bunker you are at. After that head up to the Dish and rig it to blow. Sam will radio in that he has a helicopter he can pick you up in. This just means the Jason has to survive the rushing Privateers until Sam can get there.

If you planted the mines before rigging the dish, that will take care of most of the first wave. If you did not, do your best with the rifle but it is very recommended to change to something with a better rate of fire.