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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 72 – Outpost Guide Part 13: Stubborn Kid Farm
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 01/17/2013
A series of articles covering Far Cry 3. This covers the outpost, "Stubborn Kid Farm" where Jason takes it over for the Rakyat Warriors.

Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 72 – Outpost Guide Part 13: Stubborn Kid Farm

If at all possible, approach this Outpost from the North over the mountain above it. It is very hard to do but plausible at least. Otherwise come in from the Southwest and climb up on the nearby rocks to get most of the soldiers present there. You need to contend with 4 Soldiers and 3 Heavy Soldiers. There are 2 Alarm post as well. A second option fort he stealth approach is to get into the Outpost from a tunnel found to the West of the Outpost in the Mountainside.

Come in front the North over or through the Mountain. This will let you sneak up behind one of the Heavy Soldiers so you can take him down without much trouble. The best way is to throw a rock and lure him away from the alarm post then retreat back into the cave. Throw a second rock to lure him inside and take him down without any chance of the 2 nearby soldiers potentially spotting you in the process

Once he is dead, disable the alarm by hopping the fence or slipping over there when the other 2 soldiers are looking away. This will stop the reinforcements from coming and ensure an easier time of taking over out the Outpost. Now, move along the right-hand side of the building and up the stairs. Take out the soldier there when the others are not looking and drag his body back into the room behind you. Be sure you drop it to the left of the door and somewhere around the window. This will stop anyone from noticing it.

Next things start to get tricky. You have 2 more Heavies to deal with, 1 wandering guard and 2 more stationary soldiers. First, lure the patrolling guard over to the building you are working from and take him out. After that you have the Heavies to deal with. Approach them both carefully but it will be easy to get them. From there it is a simple matter of sneaking up on the remaining soldiers and getting either a chain or knife throw takedown. That will secure the outpost without any further difficulty.

Come at the camp through the tunnel and lure the heavy soldier away from the Outpost's alarm as you would in stealth. Just gun down the heavy then slip over to the right. Disable the alarm then head to the right of the building and through the grass to the stairs. Head up the stairs and take out the soldier there. It is very easy at that point to start firing down on the remaining soldiers below and take them out. You can easily circle around that one building and it will make it a lot easier

Take Over:
Taking over this Outpost will grant the usual Safe House, Fast Travel Point and Gun Store. It will also give you a new Island League Racing and Wanted: Dead side quests.