Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 70 – All In

Radio Tower
This radio tower is to the South of the location you want to go. This means that you need to cut around farther to the sides than normal to avoid accidentally triggering the mission zone. It is not too hard to do and having this part of the map revealed will be helpful much sooner than later. Start by heading for the stairs at the base of the tower. Take those up to the platform. Now head for the outside of the tower. Here you need to either do a running jump over to the climbable ledge or strafe over onto the railing just inside the tower then move back out onto the ledge. Head to the end of the platform, whichever path you took and look to the left to find the next ledge to climb. Go around the center structure and over to the next ledge to get up higher on the tower.

From this part go to the  left then look to the left. You will see  another ledge you can jump and climb for. Head around the outside of the tower until you can cross it using the beams in the middle. Get over to the other side then continue your ascent. Turn to the left then look left and jump across the gap. Just follow the path, crossing the beams and jumping as needed. When you get to the end of this path you will be at a drop. You want to head down to the platform just below you with a jump then climb up the nearby ledge to your left. Turn to the right after that, duck, and head out on the beam. Turn around when you get to the end of the beam to find another ledge to climb. Just head forward from there to find the ladder that will take you up to the top of the tower.

All In
Head to the North of the Tower as it is only a short ways over to the Compound where Jason can meet Hoyt. Once you get close you will get a call from Dennis checking in on you. Head to the Northern side of the Compound and track down Sam. Talk with him to start the whole cutscene. He goes on and on about his exoprting business and how to handle the globalization of the world market. After that he will ask you to head down to the basement and work with Sam to get a prisoner to talk.

Head out of the Office and down the stairs to the lobby. Turn to the right at the bottom and cruise over to the door leading down to the basement. Take the stairs down and watch the little video the soldier is. That video could be some trouble along the way. After that head over to Sam and it is time to start working over whatever person is in the other room. It turns out to be your missing brother, Riley. Now Jason needs to play off everything to sell the act over to Hoyt. Follow the prompts to get through the scene and from there be invited to Hoyt's Poker Night. This will end the present mission and let you move into the next one.