Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 68 – Defusing the Situation

With everything resolved regarding the insurrection for now Sam wants Jason to come along with him on an errand for Hoyt.

Radio Tower
Head over to the Radio Tower at X: 381.3, Y: 431.2 so you can reveal the map around the plantation you will be at soon. You can get here any number of ways from Hang gliding from the previous Radio Tower to driving up.

When you make it to the base of the tower you can begin by heading up the stairs. Once at the top head around to the outside to the right. There you will find a climbable ledge you can use to get upwards. Once up that one you need to turn around and jump for the next ledge to get up farther. Head to the end of this platform then turn to the left and cross diagonally using the beams in a crouch. Once there head forward then over to the left and up to the next climbable ledge you can also reach by jumping.

After that cross the beam on the outer edge of the tower to the middle of it. Now duck and head into the center to claim some body armor. After that head to the Southeast to reach the next point of ascent. Jump onto the hanging railing and head up it. Head up and around then look to your right to find the ladder that will lead to the top of the tower. This will reveal the map and unlock the usual supply drop quest.

Defusing the Situation
With the Tower active Fast Travel out to Alpha Camp. From there just a short run to the East will have you meet up with Sam. He explains that some of Vaas' pirates have crossed over to this island and have rigged this field to blow. Jason needs to follow Sam through the fields to the bomb sites and help him disable them.

Bomb 1
Is only a short ways in and is the simplest to deal with. Be sure to collect the medical syringes that are sitting to the left of the door. First, gun down the 2 Pirates that come charging toward the doorway. After that, step outside and look to the left. There are 4 more pirates that will come charging up from that direction. There is also one who will come up from behind the shack but he does not pose much threat and is very easily dealt with.

Bomb 2
Sam will leave through the back door and deal with the remaining pirate back there, if he still lives. Follow him to the Southeast and up the stairs. This round you will find a lot more bandits just running around the area. There is also a single pirate sitting on the roof the building so take a little time to get him as he can otherwise get away with shooting you and Sam quite a bit without much danger to himself. It starts simply with 3 pirates attacking you and Sam. After that, it will grow to be at least 6 coming at you and Sam at once. The good news is the major wave comes just after Sam has disarmed the second bomb.

Bomb 3
Fend off whatever pirate forces remain with Sam's help then keep on his tail. He will head to the West. First, look at the Windmill that is down that way. On top of it you will find a Sniper sitting there. Your life will be made a lot easier if you just take him out. Now head to the South when the fence runs out. This will lead you right up to a green house with some pirates in it. Jason can either start shooting at them or he can throw in a grenade after cooking it or a molotov cocktail. There are only 2 pirates to start here. Sam will start working on defusing the bomb and tell you to man the turret that sits on the Northern wall of the greenhouse. Grab it and deal with the pirates that are outside the greenhouse and coming toward it. Things do not get any easier when the bomb is disabled as a helicopter will descend on the scene. Look over to the left and up to find it. Just blast it away with your turret and everything will be fine.