Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 66 – Triple Decker: Radio Tower and First Target

Sam will point out that Jason can find the people in an old temple. Sam will give you the coordinates. First though Jason will benefit from activating the nearby Towers so he can see more of the Southern island in greater detail.

Radio Tower
Fast Travel to Gaztown and then make to the Northeast. From there take the road to the left then take the next right when you find the hut. This will lead you straight to the Radio Tower. Get to the base of it and take the stairs up. From there cross over tot he other side with the beam and climb up onto the next ledge. At this point head to just past the sheet of metal then look up and to the left. You will find another climbable ledge. Take it up with a jump. Turn to the left after that and cross to the other side using the beam. Turn and look above the ledge you just climbed up. You will see another ledge you need to jump to grab. Cross to the Northern side of the tower then climb the ledge to the East. Head along the outside to the Southern side of the Tower. Here you will find the next 2 ledges in short order. Turn around and climb the ledge after that. Here you can drop down to a loot chest just below you and then climb back up. Now, head along the railing but hug the inside of the tower. You need to drop to the ledge below you then climb up another ledge to reach the ladder that leads to the top of this tower. Thankfully that is the end of the challenge here. This this tower activated you will want to Fast Travel over to Romeo Camp.

Getting to the Temple
Head tot he West from Romeo Camp. It is only a short distance so you should have little trouble getting there.  Once you are on the approach Jason will prompt you to get out and find out about the Captains and get the roll sheet that one them has.

Scouting the Camp
Approach them from the East. Pull out your camera when you can see the ruined building and their fire. Now pull out your camera and mark the men. Take some time to wander the camp and mark all the men to make this whole venture a lot easier. You have the first Captain by the captured Komodo Dragon. There is one soldier who will head conveniently into their outhouse. Meet him there and take him down while you are at it.

With him down, head toward the front of the temple and up the stairs. There you will find 2 Snipers on the platform overlooking the area. If you have the Knife throw takedown, you are set. Kill one then simply use the Knife Throw to get the other. Otherwise you need to kill one then quickly and immediately get the other before he can look and see what you did.

After you get snipers, look down the ramp you took up. There is a solid chance your target is walking up it toward you. Wait for him to get close then take him down and drag his body out of sight. Loot the body and you will not find the sheet you are looking for. You can take a little extra time now to head down to the base again and take out the last 2 guards.