Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 65 – Doppleganger: The Docks

First, head over to the left of the Privateer that you see overlooking most of the dock area. Turn around and throw a rock to the right down the corridor that you came from. This will lure him away long enough for you to easily head down the ramp to the rocks below.

Keep to the left to avoid getting spotted by the Privateer who watches over the next part of the area. Quickly move past the waterfall and the corpses. Pause on the far side of the waterfall and look to the right. There is another Privateer looking over the area you need to pass through. Throw a rock to his right and wait for him to move to investigate it. Use this time to head down the ramp over to the next part of the caves.

There is not much to worry about initially until you hit the first chamber. Inside there you will find 2guard talking who then split off and head across to opposite sides of the chamber. Move down to either the left or right-hand side of the chamber and approach the dock. You will see there are 2 Heavies and a soldier waiting by the docks. This path through the cave is not going to work.

If you are not on the right-hand side of the chamber, head over there. There is a hole in the rocks that you can use to your immense advantage. Throw a rock through the hole and wait a short while for the guards to be lured toward its sound. Now turn around and throw a rock to the left of the 2 guards who are in the cave chamber. When they get up and start moving, then you can slip by them and down the ramp over to the ramp that leads to the water.

Once outside over the water drop in quietly and head for the tunnel you see ahead. Swim to the back of the boat. Climb up the ladder and look for the marker. You will find your target before too long. Just take him down and you will be good.

Head to the bow of the boat after you are in uniform. Jason, Foster, will talk with the Officer doing the scanning who is interested in making some extra money. The two part after their brief conversation and Jason needs to head up the ramp and over to the marker at the front of the crowd. From there enjoy the little scene with Hoyt. Apparently Jason's head will get a man an island.

Now it is time to leave this area. Head on out either by going by the box the man got roasted in or by diving into the water and swimming over to the boat. Either way you want to get onto the boat and drive it on out of the area and onto the ocean again. Jason will call Sam once he is in the clear. From there the next plan is hatched to reveal the traitors and put “Foster” into good standing with the boss, Hoyt.