Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 64 – Doppleganger

Head to the Southwest from the bar over to the two-story house. There you will see the marker for the next mission sitting on top of it. The two will talk and Sam will convince Jason that he needs to join up with the privateers. Your next goal is to head down to the docks and then steal the uniform of one of the recruits.

Radio Tower
The Radio Tower is directly in the path to the docks so getting there is very easy. It will also make your mini map useful again. Head along the road and keep at it until you cross the bridge by the waterfall. At that point start making your way up the slope toward the radio tower. Once there you will need to head into the middle and start up the stairs for a few flights. Once you reach the platform, duck under the bars to the outside and take it around to the climbable ledge you will find. Head on up and forward. Look to the left and you will see the next ledge. This one you will need to make a running jump to reach. From there just head on upwards. By ducking under the bars to the left and over to the side of the tower. Look for the short beam which will lead to the base of the climbable ledge in the middle.  Once u[p on this ledge head for the outside by crossing over the beam. Look to the left to find a loot chest. Grab it then continue along the outside of the tower. Go until you reach the top of the short ramp. Turn around and jump over to the other part of the former railing. This will let you reach the ladder that takes you up to the top where you can enable the Tower. This will unlock the usual weapon and supply drop mission. Now head to the Southern side of the tower and use the Zipline to get to your next destination.

Head to the South from the tower. It is just a short run over there now. From here just slide down the slope to the cenote. You will see one soldier just drinking a beer on a platform in front of you. He is watching the stairs you need to head down and for now you cannot kill anyone.

Approach through the bushes to the West of him. Once you are close, throw a rock to the right of him. Wait for him to get up and move to investigate. Get up and move forward along the walkway and get down to the cave that is nearby. Remember that you cannot kill anyone right now.

Head forward into the cave as the guards talk a little about Vaas being dead. Slip around the Waterfall as the guard moves deeper into the cave to avoid being spotted and make progress. After that just move along quietly behind him. Duck from crate to crate to avoid being spotted if he turns around and to put you in a position to slip by him without his noticing.

When you make it to the meeting place between the 2 guards break to the right quickly and get behind the stalagmites. Head around the area that the guard is resting in and his comrade leaves. Keep to the outside and then drop off the small ledge to the right of the loot chest that you can find on the far side on the guard post. From there just head up behind the guard who is looking down the next path. Now head around him and to the left of him so you are behind the boxes.

Once again move along the left-hand side of the path and over to the left to make sure that you are not spotted. From there you will make it down to the docks.