Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 63 – Three Blind Mice

Time to sky dive once again, this time with a wing suit. Once Jason jumps out of the plane hit the prompted button for him to extend his arms and start flying. If you want to earn a quick achievement, intentionally fail the first time.

The controls of the wing suit are fairly simple. Forward and Back movement now control your pitch while moving Left and Right let you stir. When it is time, you can deploy the parachute by hitting the Jump button. Aim for the marker on the beach and steer over there. When it is time you will need to deploy your parachute. The controls are move the same just Forward is speed up while Back is Slow down. Do your best to land on target.

Once Jason is down and has enjoyed the jump head over tot he next marker. You need to kill some pirates and get moving toward your destination. Head to the marked location and you will find 6 pirates at their camp. To the left of them you will notice a cage with a tiger inside. Loose the tiger and it will take out the soldiers but more likely than not, leave the Snipers. You can either just pick off the snipers or move in and fight them. Either way, when they are dead go and claim their truck and make the drive over to Thurston Town.

Once there, head in through the opening in the gate and over to the right. You will notice the bar you are looking for in front of you. Head on inside and it is time for you to do just what Willis said. Talking with the Bartender sets up that Jason now needs to head into the back to participate in the Poker games in the back. Head over to the soldier who will stop you briefly until Jason flashes a lot of cash.

Head on down the stairs and it is time to deal with what you find there. You will need to play through the game of Poker. It is the first hand you need to worry about or just play for fun. This looks like Texas Hold 'Em Poker so you need to match up what you have to what is in the middle of the table. With some luck and good playing, you can get through the game and come out ahead.

At the start of the second hand Jason will whistle the tune that Willis said to. Head over to the left after that and up the stairs there to find Sam waiting for you outside. The tow have a very brief discussion and then Sam seems to accept what Jason has told him. Try to follow him and he will just disappear though.