Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 62 – Fly South

Head to Amanaki Outpost and over to the marker that sits outside the safe house. Jason will contact Willis who is working on getting off the island as it sounds like his operation is about to go belly up. This means that he is off to Russia. To get here you need to head over to the nearby airstrip and get there quickly.

Once the call ends you have 5 minutes to get from Amanaki Outpost over to the Airstrip nearby the Rust Yard. The only way this works is for you to grab the nearby quad bike and just floor it mot of the way there. Get on the bike, head out of the Outpost and turn to the left. Follow the main road toward the river and over the bridge. Once you are over the bridge you can take a little more liberty to get over to the airstrip. You can follow the main road or break off to the East and head for the smaller trails that lead over toward it. When you get closer and hit the checkpoint the timer will disappear.

As Jason closes in on the airstrip you learn that Willis is under attack by the Pirates. You need to help him out and quickly take down the initial dozen or so that are attacking him. Wipe out the ones in the front first to make life simpler. After that, move over to the left and deal with the ones inside the hut and around it. It will not take too much to deal with all of them.

When you have killed that wave of pirates Willis notices he needs to do some quick repairs to the plane. Look to the right and along the boxes to find a mounted gun you can use. You can also take a moment to plant a mine or two to the South or one there and one over to the West. The first few waves come from the South and are usually Chargers. After that come the Soldiers and Chargers who have a better chance of just making it through. If you got the mine down then it will deal with some of the Pirates and make your live a little easier.

The first Western wave is something as there are numerous pirates you need to deal with. After you also have a heavy in the mix that you need to worry about as well. You need to kill the Heavy quickly as it can easily put an end to this attempt to get the plane off the ground.

After that wave you will need to worry about 2 cars that drive up. The one of the West just has a pair of soldiers in it, one of which who mans the turret on it. The second car to the North is the real danger. Not only does it have a manned turret it will disgorge a few more pirate soldiers who need to be dealt with. Blow up the cars to avoid the worst of what they can do. It will more than likely take a soldier or two with it so you have multiple reasons to do just that. Loot a few bodies but then plant a mine or two to the West and South again.

The final wave is very spread out and is little more than 5 Heavies with soldiers coming at the plane. The mines ensure that the Heavy Soldiers will go down easily or at least take out a number of the regular soldiers. Pull out any explosive or incendiary weaponry you have and loose it on this wave. It will make your life a lot easier and avoid the death of Willis.

Once Jason and Willis have survived this attack head over to the plane and talk with Willis. This will bring this big attack to an end and Jason gets the contact that he needs to get at Hoyt and try to bring the whole thing down.