Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 61 – Payback: Fight Vaas, Citra's Favor

Fighting Vaas
Walk forward across the TV screens and watch the scenes that play along side them. Just head through them all and up the stairs. This Vision Vaas has some interesting things to say before he tells you to pull the trigger on him.

Now start on your path down the TV screens toward the marker. You need to gun down the images of Vaas that come charging at Jason before they kill him. You have unlimited ammo so there is nothing to worry about here. Just gun down each pair or dodge then do so. Do not stop moving and get to the end of the tunnel. When you see the Vaas that are on fire you are nearly there. Just keep moving forward and head up the final set of stairs. Vaas will let out a shout and let you approach him. Hit the prompt for the take down and enjoy the scene that follows. From there it will go to white and the mission will end.

Citra's Favor
Jason struggles to get back up after being stabbed. Cirta will make sure that he recovers and passes him something to drink. After the two talk, you need to leave the temple once again. Run on out across the steps and through the temple. Be sure to keep a little distance between you and the fire. As you leave, Jason will run into a drunken Dennis. The two talk then he can continue forward.

Head now for Dr. Earnhardt's Mansion and down to the cave below. Jason needs to talk with his friends there. The group will not take Jason's choice very well. Liza will basically break down over it. From there you simply need to leave the camp to start the next mission.