Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 60 – Payback

Head over to the marker and pull out your camera. Look at the dock opposite to mark the soldiers there and make them easier to follow. Dive into the ocean below and start swimming for the marker. If you want, use a Deep Dive to make it all in a single go.

When you make it to the dock Jason can use a ledge takedown to get the pirate there. Wait for the pirate to dump the bodies then head on up to him and take him out. Now climb onto the dock and head down the trail that connects to it. He will come across 2 pirates about to attack a woman. Quickly sneak up on them then take them down to save the woman. Continue to the North from there and around the corner.

Pause as you road the corner and look to the Watch Tower that is in front of you. Pick off the Sniper there with a silence Rifle or the Bow. Now look toward the gate to the left of the tower. You will see 2 soldiers and 2 dogs there. One of the soldiers has a wide patrol and is very hard to spot. Head over into the bushes to your left now. Sneak along the path and keep out of sight from the guard there. Head to the rocks on the far side and slide down the far side of them. From there it is very easy to make it over to the nearby hut where you can pause for a moment. Be sure to mark the second soldier that will make their appearance around this time as well.

Head over to the marker from the hut through the bushes and the trees. Climb up the rope that hangs from the edge of the wall to get into the compound. Head over to the door beyond the face on the wall and open it. Head inside and go up the stairs. You will find that Vaas has set a trap for you. Run out of the fire and for the door to the left of the TVs. The floor will collapse and drop you down a level. Move forward and head through the open window in front of you into the room beyond. Ignore the animals here.

Once in this room look around for the ladder leading upwards. This will get Jason onto the roof and let him get a clear view of most of the compound he now has to deal with. There are a number of soldiers that are already firing on you. Pick off the first 4 from the roof then you can either continue to fight on the roof, moving around, or jump down to the ground below and fight the pirate soldiers on their field. First though, use a rifle to quickly pick off the one soldier who is manning the mounting gun just past the cargo container in front of you. Take this part of the fight with almost no holds barred. Save your explosive weaponry for now as it will be more useful later. Gun down the pirates in your path.

Continue forward until you spot an open doorway on the left. Head inside, deal with the lone pirate inside and then head up the stairs. You will find a loot chest and some more ammo in here. From there head out onto the balcony the building has. Use this vantage point to release the leopard that you can see the Southern side of the compound. Just stay where you are for a minute or so until the leopard has done its work.

From there head to the East to deal with the next wave of Pirates. You can either fight from the balcony or get a little creative with the jeep that has the mounted gun. Get through this wave and you will find yourself facing down a lot of pirates and a Heavy. Here is where you want to use your explosive weaponry as it is your best bet to down the Heavy quickly. With them dealt with head through the open gate that has the eye on it. Take a little extra time to reload all your weaponry as things get intense inside the Warehouse. Head through the door on the left and Vaas will once again get the drop on you.