Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 59 – New Rite Of Passage

Radio Tower
There is a Radio Tower just to the South of the location that they head Jason's gear in so it would be silly not to quickly climb it and turn it on. Head for the stairs at the base of the tower. From there jump to the first climbable ledge and get up to the next level of the tower. After that cross over to the other side of the tower when you reach the next platform to find the next climbable ledge. From there jump the gap and go for the ropes on the ledge opposite you. Jason catch himself and pull himself up. Pause in the center of this area to loot the body of the pirate and grab the money that is nearby him. After that turn around and look along the top of the level. You will spot another climbable ledge that you need to jump over to. On this part head to the center of the tower. Here Jason needs to jump a gap, head over to the left and climb up the ledge there. Head around the tower on the outside and up to the next ledge. Just head around the outside of the tower and you will find the ladder that will lead up to the scrambler and allow the tower to be enabled. Grab the loot then head off the tower to the North. This will open up a new Supply Drop for you.

Rite Of Passage
Once again, Citra will ask to meet you in the Temple. Head over there either by driving or just Fast Traveling. Head into the temple and then go behind the tree and into the passage where she told you the myth about her people's origins. Head down the passage and turn to the right when you can. This will lead Jason to a Courtyard on the inside. Cirta will greet you and the two will talk some and she will give you some poison to drink. From there Jason will enter a dream state again.

Once inside the dream, enjoy the cutscene for a while. After that you must fight the Ink Monster. Pull out your bow and let loose arrows at the Ink Monster while it exhales it breath attack. Stay out of the center to avoid the worse of the damage it can do. After a number of hits the sky will go black. Turn your attention to the ground in front of you. There will be men charging you now. Let fly arrows at them as well to kill them before they can reach you. Use the spotting indicator to pick them out from the inky mists.

When they have all gone and the sky has returned to stars you will see the Ink Monster again to the left. Draw back your bow and aim for its face once more. This time it will be lobbing globs of ink at you. Jason can get a few shots off before he has to move to avoid the damage from the attacks. Run when you see the ink coming at you then strafe the Monster to get a few more shots in. Do not let up until the  Monster falls over.

When the Ink Monster falls, charge its arm and climb it. Jason will be prompted to attack it. He will pull out the knife that he gave Cirta and then you need to mash the attack prompt. This will fade back into the real world where Cirta will bless Jason as a Warrior of the Rakyat. This will unlock your final skills and give you full access to the final parts of your skill trees.