Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 58 – Warrior Rescue Service, The Camp Part 2

If Jason got through the first part of the camp quietly he still has some sneaking to do. If he blasted the final sniper in this part then, thankfully, the next soldier will come running into the part of camp that Jason is. Regardless, kill the man at the Mounted Gun then turn your attention to the final Sniper. Pick him off from the first part of the camp to avoid the worst of what he can do.

After things are settled with those 2 Pirates head into the second part of the camp. You have at least 4 more soldiers to deal with and then you need to reach the Helicopter that is sitting there. Be warned that this group of soldiers comes with a dog. You can either fight them or just make a break for the Helicopter.

Fighting is best done from the roof with the Mounted Gun. This way you simply need to worry about managing the temperature of the gun. Use bursts of fire to keep it able to gun but not overheat. Just work carefully and you will be able to work through the soldiers. Remember that there are dogs to deal with as well. You need to find and kill those before they can run up on Jason and savage him. The dogs can only be dealt with in close range combat. Shot gun blasts and the knife are your best friends for taking them out quickly without getting too overwhelmed by pirates. Regardless, Jason ultimately gets into the Helicopter and pulls the pilot's own gun on him. The pair take off and you can fire off a few shots at the pirates below. The hard part of escaping here is that one of the pirates will pull out a RPG and blast the helicopter as it is taking off. It will come crashing down into the nearby ravine.

When Jason comes to slightly it is apparent that he just survived. He will crawl out of the helicopter only to be greeted by Vaas walking toward him with a gun in hand. He will make one final comment then shoot Jason.

The scene will fade out from black after another quote from Alice's Adventure in Wonderland. Jason needs to pry his way out of a pile of corpses. Follow the prompts on screen whenever they appear. He will pry his way out of the pile and meet Dennis again. The two talk a little then it is time to get your equipment back from the pirates. Head to the camp to the North of where Jason got buried. Once again he is without equipment so move carefully over to the marked camp. Be sure to head into the first  building you can as there is Body Armor, a medical syringe and a mine inside for your use.

Head out of the building and over to the right, keeping to the South of the search area. You will find yourself against at least 3 Chargers. Start by getting behind the shack in the Southern part of their camp and then throwing a rock against its wall. Hide behind the nearby tree and wait for one the Chargers to investigate. When he does wait for your opening then take him down. Now slip into the shack that you just killed him by to get some loot, C4 and a Molotov Cocktail. Wait for the 2 guards to move away then head across the way into the next house to find a Flare Gun. While the guards are still distracted slip out of this part of the camp and to the next part to the North.

This final shack is guarded by a Heavy and 2 dogs. If possible, slip up on the shack, luring the dogs and the Heavy away briefly then get inside it and head over to the left. You will hear a phone ringing. This will lead Jason to his equipment. If the Heavy and the dogs have survived to this point then Jason can easily take them out with his full arsenal.