Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 57 – Warrior Rescue Service, The Camp Part 1

When Jason comes to Vaas starts talking with him and discussing what the definition of Insanity is. That is how the discussion begins and ends. After that, Vaas makes another attempt at killing Jason, this time involving bricks, knots and water.

After the cutscene is over mash the prompted button to get Jason's hands free. After that, swim for the surface and then get out of the cenote by heading through the nearby opening in the wall. As Jason exits a truck will be driving off with the warriors in tow. Head through the waterfall and take down the guard on the other side. Pull him back through the waterfall, if you can, grab his gun then start over to the left and into the bushes. There are a few more pirates to deal with here.

Take down the one investigating the blood on the ground. If you have the Knife Throw Takedown then use it quickly take out his nearby comrade as well. Now head across the path and follow the next one over to the vantage point.

As Jason arrives a Helicopter will come through and you will be prompted to mark all the enemies below from the vantage point you are on. In the closer area you have 2 Snipers, one on each end of the compound and 3 soldiers found in the area below. Past the Sniper on the right you will find another soldier, this one behind a mounted gun. Move all the way over to the right on the ledge you are on and you will be able to spot a third sniper to the left of the Mounted Gun Soldier. That covers the majority of the Pirates in this area so head back down the path and toward the encampment. Be sure to take a little time to loot the dead pirates if you did not already. You are going to want some more ammo, if only on principle.

Head down the path toward the camp and hug the left-hand side for the cover it offers. Close in the building with the first sniper. Get a clear view of it from the cover of the nearby rocks then throw a rock against the left-hand side of the building. This will eventually lure the Sniper over to the edge of the building. If you have the “Death From Below” Takedown, then Jason can kill him immediately. Otherwise you will need to wait a moment for him to move away and Jason needs to take him down on the roof itself. Be sure to collect his Sniper Rifle to further increase your depleted arsenal.

Head to the end of the left-hand building and wait for any nearby soldiers to break away. From there head straight forward toward the one soldier who is farther East than the others in this area. Take him down then return to the main camp and make for the ropes you see on the central building. Climb up the first then make for the opposite side of the building. Just pat the cement bags to you will find an alarm control panel. Interact with it when the guards are not looking to disable the alarms in the area. Now head back behind the building to the rope and head out into the main courtyard of the main. Wait for the nearby guard to start away from the building so you can quickly take him without alerting the nearby sniper. Move into cover behind the truck then look to the right of it. You will see one of the final soldiers in this part of the camp patrolling along the path above you. Move up on him and take him out quickly. There is a chance the sniper will notice the last body by now and is moving to investigate it. Take him out quickly and violently if needed. If the Sniper remains on their perch then head along the path and start slowly up the stairs. When the Sniper is looking elsewhere, take him down.