Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 56 – This Knife's For You, Ambush

This Knife's For You
After you leave the cave had for the Temple Gateway Fast Travel point. Head into the temple and the door will open for you. Go up the stairs and over to the right. You will run into Dennis and shortly after, Cirta will appear. It is time for a cutscene. Sit back and enjoy it as she explains the history of her people. After that just leave the temple to move things forward once again. Dennis will greet you as you leave the temple and explain that the Rakyat are about to ambush some Vaas' men to retake captured warriors.

Cirta will tell you to head to a nearby village and there you will find the leader of a group of Warriors. Head to the found in the town to the Northeast. Once there head into the church you see at the marker itself. Inside is a quick cutscene with one of the leaders. He will tell Jason that they need to plant some C4 in the road to stop Vaas' trucks when they pass through.

With the C4 in hand head out of the church, down the stairs and over to the right. Look for a Truck that is leaking a little gas. Run over to it and plant the explosives on it by the hazard sign on it. After that you need to run as you have 45 seconds to get over to the Water Tower over to the Northwest. Run over there. Jason will take a call from one of his friends letting him know the boat is coming along well.

At the top of the Water Tower you will find a high power Sniper Rifle. While you may have one, this one is most likely better, grab it, equip it and look down it. You will see the new men arriving on the scene. These are mercenaries and professionals at that. The High Power Rifle will punch through their heavier armor without any difficulty. Move in and out of the tighter zoom to keep track of all of the mercenaries. While the explosives can take out a lot of them, there will still be a good number remaining. Remember to take your time with any sniper shot. Never rush them or you could full well be wasting ammo.

Once Jason gets through the majority of them he will be given a new timer. He has 3 minutes to catch up with the convoy. Head to the Northern side of the Water Tower and use the Zipline to get down and over to a nearby truck. Hop in and step on it. Likely 2 mercenaries will appear and attack as you do so. Do not worry about them and just start down the road in front of you going over to the right then to the left when you intersect with the main road. Drive on down the road to the next intersection. There will be a small barricade of cars and pirates, just ram through it and go to the right on the right there.

Keep to the road and keep the pedal down. You will catch up with the convoy before too long if you were quick about it. After that, the convoy will stop and you have 3 more Mercenaries to kill off. Deal with them then head over to the convoy truck. Open it up and the mission will come to an end.