Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 55  – Outpost Guide Part 11: Cradle View

This outpost is best to scope out and mark from the South. Most of the enemies can be spotted very quickly so it is no problem to make sure that you have them all marked within a short span of time. You have 2 Soldiers and 4 Chargers found inside this Outpost. They also have 2 Dingos pinned up in the Northwestern corner of the outpost. You can find the alarm on the Northern side of the camp without much trouble.

Approach this camp from the Northwest so that you can easily free the Dingos and let them do some of the work of taking over this outpost for you. The dingos will go down without too much of a fight but it will put a number of the guards away or distracted making it easier to get inside the compound and begin taking down the soldiers. Just chain it together as much as possible.

Once inside, head over to the right and take shelter behind the building. 2 of the chargers will likely come by soon so take them out while they are out of sight of their friends. If they do not get close enough, throw a rock against the drains that are nearby the dingo's former cage to draw some in. From behind this building you can slowly lure all the guards and take this outpost without raising the alarm.

Let loose the dingos and back them up. It will not take too long for them to get killed but they do a good job of drawing fire while they do. Be sure to take out the alarm as well or just be ready to finish off the guards then just blast away the incoming reinforcements. It does not take too long before you will be able to claim this Outpost for the Rakyat.

Take Over
When you succeed at taking over this outpost you will gain the typical Gun Store and the Fast Travel Point. You will also unlock the sidequest, “Light At The End Of The Jungle” and a “Wanted: Dead” mission.