ar Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 54 – Sidequests – Supply Drops, Bow Hunt: White Belly Tapir

These 2 supply drops come from trigger the Northern Radio Tower on the North Island that are nearby the Old Mines located at X: 667.4, Y: 757.9

Supply Drop 1
This one is found to the East of the Radio Tower that you activate. You have 60 seconds to make the run. Start, as always, going forward. Go up the slope and immediately break to the right as you reach the road above and cross the bridge for the first flare. Once across the bridge head over to the right and down the slope. Take the next left at the fork then the right turn after that. You need to hit this flare straight on else the Quad bike will drop into the stream and you will need to start over. After that just make it through the trees and head on forward to make it onto the destination.

Supply Drop 2
This supply drop is found to the Southwest of the Radio Tower. You will have to put osme effort into getting to this drop. It can only really be accessed once you have taken over the Old Mine Outpost or sneak through it to the pool behind it. Once you make it to the pool of water at the bottom of the ladder  just dive in and head over to the Jet Ski. For this run you will have 65 seconds to complete it.

Start by bearing slightly to the left and heading toward the first flare in front of you. Remember to open up the throttle completely for now. Weave your way through the cave and out onto the river itself. Once there you need to hit the jump with the jet ski fairly straight. The reason being is there is a pair of jumps with flares ahead. After the second jump hug close to the left hand side of the river. As you finish going around the bend you will see the flare and the next jump. After that it makes for some smooth skiing as you just need to gun it down this final stretch of river, around a bend, to your destination.

Path of the Predator – Bow Hunt: White Belly Tapir
Once you have taken over the Rust Yard head to its bulletin board to find this quest waiting for you. By skinning and crafting the hide of this animal Jason will be able to make the largest munitions pouch

Head to the Southwest of the Rust yard over to the small islet on the nearby river. Just across the river you will easily find the hut where the bow and arrows are. Head there and grab them. Now, if you have some, use Hunter's Instinct. If not, it is recommended that you craft some and use it. There are a few tapirs on the island but the one you are looking for is laying down on the far Western end. Approach it directly from the West. It will take at least 2 arrows to drop it. After that, skin and collect your reward.