Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 53 – Sidequests – Old Mine Sidequests

Wanted: Dead – Butcher's Revenge
Head over to the Bulletin Board to find this Wanted: Dead quest. Jason is to get revenge on the Pirates for killing one of the butchers who would hunt in the woods. Head to the Southwest from the Old Mine to get over to the Starting point for this hunt.

Head into the Woods and into the designated search area. Approach the fire you see carefully from the East. You will find yourself facing 1 Sniper, 5 Chargers and the Leader. This leader is slightly more reclusive hiding inside the shack that the Chargers seem to be hanging around. The leader is also a sniper so be sure that you are in close for when you start to deal with the men properly.

It is best to start with the chargers by heading over to the Western side of the hut. This way you can slowly pick of the chargers by luring them away from the main group with rocks nad pulling the bodies into the bushes around the road. There are 2 Chargers on this side that you need to kill before you can sneak into the hut itself.

Once inside just head around the corners until you find the leader. You can easily take him down while he is surprised by your sudden presence. After that you can optionally take out the remaining men outside with take downs and get some practice with the more difficult styles like Knife Throw, Chain or Grenade.

Pinned To Earth
Jason will find this quest to the North of the Old Mine. Grab a car and head over there. Head over to the marker, near the Sharpshooter challenge, and go inside the house there. Once inside talk with the woman inside to get the quest itself.  She will explain that she saw a plane go down in the nearby area and no one else believes her. She will ask Jason to go and find the wreckage.

Head back out and head over to the Northwest. It is only a short drive or run from where Jason talked  to find the Hang Glider that you need for this part of the quest. Hop into it and start flying. Now aim toward the next marker in the sequence that is ahead of you. Just let the glider drift until you spot the wreckage along the Northern shore of the island. Fly out a little farther over the water then drop into the water. From there just swim over to the plane wreckage and investigate it. The first 2 pieces by the shore have nothing of interest but you still need to look at them. This will reveal a third marker to the south of the second piece. Head over there to find a man inside the cockpit of the plane. Talk with the man inside to find out that there is no old woman in the village. After you get the credit for the side quest be sure to loot the area for the containers and supplies.