Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 51 – Sidequests – AM 12 Sidequests

Path of the Predator
Sniper Rifle Hunt: Yellow Neck Cassowary
A taxidermist wants Jason to track down and kill a Yellow Neck Cassowary using a Sniper Rifle. This is a lot better than bow hunting. The skin of this animal can be used to make the Extended Fuel Fling, the final upgrade for the Flamethrower Fuel.

Head to the North of AM 12.  Head down the slope to the marker. There you will find a car, a broken car, a bridge and the ammo and sniper rifle that you need for this quest. Head across the bridge to the North and use some Hunter's Instinct to start tracking down the Cassowary. You will most likely find the Yellow Neck Cassowary by heading to the West. There are a number more Cassowary around so be sure to kill some if you still need their leather (or want to make a little more money).

RPG Hunt: Rabid Dogs
Head tot he Southeast from AM 12 to find the starting point of this quest.  You just need to follow the road to the marker and then you will find a RPG-7 waiting for you. Gear up and stock up on ammo as well as Hunter's Instinct. To make the actual search a lot easier.

Go over into the Search Area to the North.  There are 12 animals that need to be killed here with the Rocket Launcher. Just remember where the supply drop is, in case you need to return to restock on ammo. Head up the slope and you will find 4 of the dogs around the hut at the top. One is in plain view as you get to the first turn. The next are a pair on opposite sides of the road as you head up toward the hut. The fourth is found to the left of the hut. Avoid killing this one immediately though. Climb up onto the roof of the hut and look down into the kennel. You will spot the majority of the remaining dogs. Fire a rocket or two into there and you will take out most of them in the blast. This makes the quest a lot easier. If you do not manage that then you need to hunt down the dogs. Just remember to head back to the road intersection when you need more rockets.

Wanted: Dead – Pirate Shack
Head to the West of AM 12. There is a group of pirates that have holed up in a shack that rests over the small pond in the area. You want to get close and approach from the East to avoid getting spotted and to give yourself a chance to scope them all out. There are 5 Chargers, 1 Sniper and the leader. The fourth charger is behind the shack but still presents at least something of a challenge to deal with.

Sneak around to the Southern side of the shack and deal with the lone charger there. Take him down and drag his body back into the bushes. If you can perform a knife throw take down and get he option, it is not a bad idea.. Just head for the bushes directly after.

The chargers will be alerted but if you made it to the bushes before any spotted you then everything is fine. Just pick them off from there and then just sneak up behind the leader and that will be that for him. Enjoy the reward and loot all the bodies for their valuables.