Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 50  – Outpost Guide Part 9: AM 12

This Outpost is found on the Northern end of the Island. You want to approach from the South to do your scouting. There are 6 dogs that you need to worry about here with 3 guards. While this makes the actual take over easier, it is hard to quietly take the whole thing over with so many dogs around.  2 of the guards are near the center of the camp, nearby the alarm while the one remaining guard watches over the Northern entrance of the Outpost.

Start at the Southern entrance of the Outpost. There are usually 2 dogs guarding here. Go onto the rocks to the Southeast and you will have a nice view of the dogs. Throw a rock toward them to get their attention and lure them away from the compound. Pick them off one at a time while they are away from the main group. Throw another rock when you see another pair of dogs approach the Southeastern side of the compound. Keep this up until you have picked off all the dogs.

Now head for the Southwestern side of the Compound. There you will be able to spot a hole in the fence that you can easily use to your advantage. Throw a rock through at the box that sits on the Western edge of the building. This will lure the guard in front of the building behind and the one nearby into the building. Wait for the guard on the outside to start back then ambush him with a take down. Now turn your attention to the guard on the inside. Sneak up behind him and take him out as well. Now just head fro the one remaining guard who keeps looking to the North and the compound will be yours.

Before you do anything, pick off the Alarm trigger that sits near the middle of the compound. You can get a clear shot from the Eastern side of the compound onto the alarm. While this will alert all the dogs and guards, you will not need to worry too much about reinforcements. After that, deal with the dogs quickly then the humans. The dogs have enough numbers to simply mob you and effectively kill you quickly.

Take Over:
Head into the Safe House. You will find another Memory Card waiting for you inside. This will also unlock a Sharpshooter challenge, a Wanted Dead and 2 Path of the Predator quests.