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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 48 – Lin Cong I Presume?, Unhappy Reunion
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 01/11/2013
A series of articles covering Far Cry 3. This covers the mission, "Lin Cong I Presume?" & "Unhappy Reunion", where Jason must make it through to Lin Cong's Tomb and rescue Keith.

Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 48 – Lin Cong I Presume?, Unhappy Reunion

At the hot water you need cross over it and do so carefully. Look to the West as you do because after the first jump a Sniper with a RPG-7 can hit you with their rounds. Pick them off immediately or start running into the gunfire from the 2 Soldiers to the right of the Sniper and the Sniper himself. Either way, deal with the soldiers then head on through to the West.

There is an opening underneath where the Sniper is. Move up to it in a crouch so you can see through it without alerting the pirates on the other side. Look on the far side of the chamber to find them on the pathway leading upwards. There are 2 Soldiers and 1 Charger. You can either pick them off from a distance, head in for a fire fight or sneak up carefully using the rocks as cover and get a few take downs. The choice is yours. Still, it is recommended to pick them off so you have an easier time approaching.

Climb up the vine leading to the path then head over to the left. At the top quickly kill off the Charger who is waiting there and is very slow in noticing you. From there just turn to the right and open up the nearby door to get through to the room beyond. The room beyond is massive. Time to start searching it.

Drop down and head over to the right. Take the pathway down tot e water level and head straight forward. Run through the archway to limit the damage from the water there and turn to the right. Now look to the right to find a low archway. Duck and run through it to get at the base of the tomb. Turn to the right, loot the chest there and then look for the vines leading up.

At the top of the vines is another ledge followed by the door you want. Head up the stairs to the statue at the top and interact with it to use the compass to open the pathway you are looking for. Head down the first sets of stairs but pause before going down the final ones. There is a Komodo Dragon at the base of them. Pick it off before heading down to kill it from getting at you.

Head to the end of the corridor and turn to the right. Head down the stairs here carefully as there is a pair of Komodo Dragons waiting for you at the base of them. Kill them then go to the base of the stairs and turn to the left. You will find the sarcophagus that you are looking for. When you grab it just start running the other way as there are dragon heads belching fire and then you need to get out from a collapsing ceiling by crawling. Following the prompts to get out from underneath the ceiling and you are in the clear to escape from this tomb.

Unhappy Reunion
Head on back to Badtown and go outside past the Rakyat stone to the small set of huts just to the South of Badtown. There you will find Buck's Hut. Approach and open the door to  begin this part of the story. Go through the fight following the prompts. It is easy enough but good reflexes help as Jason goes into something of a trance. After that Jason and Keith both head for the Safe House.

A tense scene happens as Jason returns to the other. Keith lets Jason know what happened to Riley. Take some time after to explore the cave and talk to who you can like Ollie.