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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 47 – Lin Cong I Presume?
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 01/11/2013
A series of articles covering Far Cry 3. This covers the mission, "Lin Cong I Presume?", where Jason must make it through the depths of the island to find the knife that Cirta and Buck have wanted.

Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 47 – Lin Cong I Presume?

Fast Travel to Amanaki Outpost. Sell off what you found in the temple then grab a car and head to the North along the road to where Buck is now. Be sure to take the road that leads up to his location as you cannot approach it any other way. At the top Buck will give you another history lesson. After that, head over to the shack and then run, jump and dive into the pool far below you. Head tot he left of the marker and take the slope up to the cave entrance via the vines dangling from it. Head into the cave and over to the door in front of you. Interact with it to press forward.

Once inside this cave go forward, look to the right to find a loot chest. After that climb the next set of vines to the top of the ledge where you will find pirates waiting for you in the room below through the hole. Jump down onto the first pirate below if you have Death From Above. After that turn to the left and look to the next 2 pirates. Deal with them however you choose. After that, you can try to sneak over to the right. Still, there are 2 dogs you need to deal with then a Heavy. Kill them all and then cross the bridge that lowered during the fight.

Alternatively you can sneak up behind them all by pass over to the right and through the hole in the wall on the left. You still have a heavy to deal with and the 2 dogs but it does make it a little easier to just blast them all at once.

Once the Heavy and Dogs are dead move forward through the tunnel. You will encounter at least 6 more guards in this area, a few at a time. Pick them off with whatever works for you and move forward to the little tower that is here. Fight your way over to the Zipline and then right it across to the next area.

When you land you have a number of different soldiers attacking you. 2 are on the same platform you are so kill them quickly. After that you have 7 more below you. Pick off the first 3 to make it safe to rest, heal and reload on the topmost level. After that head to North and drop down to the platform below. There are 4 more Pirate to the East of where you drop. Deal with them before you do, or when you do.

After that, take the next zip line across the gap. Head along the platform toward the next part of the tunnel through toward the tomb. Take the next and final zip line to the end of it. There, take a moment to search around and restock on ammo and pick up the nearby body armor. With that set turn to the North and head through the doorway into the next chamber of this cavern.

Once in this massive cavern with the hot water, go to the left and drop down onto the nearby scaffolding. Take it down as it spirals lower. Be sure to look to the Southwest and pick off the 2 soldiers that are standing around. After that just head to the ground level. Now, do not touch the water, it is acid which is very bad for human flesh. Just head past the guards you dealt with and down the next set of scaffolding. This will get you to the Hot Water you are looking for.