Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 46 – The Motherlode, Part 2

As you head past where the Pirates had fortified the area you will find another group waiting for you. The good news is you can use the wooden supports to collapse small parts of the tunnel to kill pirates if needed. You will need to take out the snipers this way as you make it deeper through this stretch of tunnel. Fight your way through all the pirates here and then head around the to the doorway above. This will lead down to the strange door that Jason is looking for. Interact with it to have Jason push the center of it and clear the way forward.

Head through et doorway but be careful there is a Komodo Dragon the floor in front of you that needs to be killed before you can advance safely. Drop down from the ledge you are on to the room below. Press on forward and into the mystical room beyond it. Head to the symbol in the center of the room and pull on the chain that sits in the center of it. This will reveal 2 new doors on the side (the one to the right has a loot chest in it) and a walkway forward. Head down the stairs in front of you.

At the base of the stairs is another Komodo Dragon. Try to pick it off in advance so you do not need to worry about it any more. Head down the slope and make the 2 jumps carefully. Turn to the left from there and head along the walkway toward the back of the room. After you head up the next set of stairs you have another Komodo Dragon to deal with. To the right of it you will see a loot chest. Be careful as nearby it is likely a snake. Shoot the snake first if you want to loot that chest safely. With the goods in hand continue forward into the cave. You will find an old elevator to use to get to the greater depths of this place. Head onto it to trigger a cutscene.

Once the cutscene has run move forward down the path to the temple in front of you. Be careful as there maybe a snake or 2 along the path. Keep an ear open for this rattling and hissing to know if there is as they are harder to see. Approach the end of the path then jump across the gap onto the platform at the base of the bridge. Just head forward from there to the end of the first part of the bridge. Turn to the left when you can see the wood supporting the temple and you will see the next platform just over there. Jump from there over to the entrance of the temple. Note that just inside, to the right, past the fire is a lootable chest.

Head up the stairs cautiously as there is a Komodo Dragon waiting at the base of the stairs on the other side. Just head past it once you have killed it then around to the other side of the room to find the next piece of the compass and a number of different chest you can loot. Loot the chest before you grab the compass piece as the cave will start to collapse once you do.

Head on out the door to the right and start running. Once Jason is outside the temple he will turn to watch a bell fall on the path he was just on. Keep moving forward after that at a good pace. Run from side to side as the path demands to avoid  the boulders. Whatever you do, do not stop. Jump when you reach the gap and immediately start off to the right. Head for the archway and through it to make it to the final cutscene for this and get out the cave.