Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 45 – The Motherlode

Radio Tower
This time Buck has gone into the middle of the Northern island. Thus far you have just passed through without much need of activating the radio tower. Well, it is time to deal with the Northern Radio Tower. Grab a car and head for it. It is to the Northwest of where Buck wants to meet you. Be sure to stop by some town and sell of the valuables as likely your rucksack is almost full.

When you make it to the tower just head for the center at the ground level. You will find a staircase leading up into it. At the top of it you will need to jump and grab onto a climbable ledge and start up the next set of stairs. At the top of those head out to the edge and look left. You will find another climbable ledge. Take it up as well. Keep it up as there are 3 more ledges you need to scale. After that, it is head along the outside to the next one on the opposite side of the tower. After that just take 2 more ladders and you will be at the top and can activate the radio tower. This will give you 2 new supply drop quests and the usual weapon. Head off the tower and you can either start into the new Suplly drops or just head over to see Buck.

The Motherlode
Head to the South of the Radio Tower and you will have little trouble finding Buck. He is now nearby a mining camp. Another history lesson later and it is time to start looking for the next compass piece in that mine. Head inside the mine and into the elevator that is on the right at the end of this shaft.

Down Jason goes into the mine itself. Move forward and push the mine cart blocking your way. This will open up the first chamber to you. Just in front of you is the first pirate in there. Once Jason stops pushing the cart you can take him down or shoot him. Head around the corner and you will find another pirate there. Move up quietly behind him and when his back is turned take him down.

Head through to the next part of the tunnel around the bend. There are 3 pirates there so be careful as you approach. Stay behind the crate, ducking out to mark them then to kill them off. With that group down head to the end of the room and push the mine cart there forward. This will take care of a pair of pirates who are down a little ways in the tunnel from you. There are still 5 more pirates who will come to investigate what has happened. Just blast them away as best you can then head into the room and loot the bodies.

Things get harder after this point as Jason will now need to sneak by a pirate encampment and get across a bridge. There are 2 snipers on the opposite end for you to worry about. Start by approaching the mine cart at the base of the bridge on your side. Move with the mine cart as it goes forward. From there move over to the second mine cart on the left. Push it forward and follow it until it stops. Take a moment to look to the left and deal with the 2 pirates over there. After that look to the right-hand side to find the third mine cart. Push it forward and follow it. Be careful as there is a Molotov Charger here who likes to set the area on fire. If you have a fireproof, now is the time to use it. After that, pick him off then follow the cart forward to the bridge itself. Just head to the left across it and through the door beyond. Be careful as a Heavy and another Molotov Charger will come out after you. Try to get them both in a single blast with a rocket or something explosive to simply have it over with. After that just head up the slope to the right of the bridge to where the Snipers were to move on forward.