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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 44 – Down In The Docks: Into the Chinese Ruins
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 01/11/2013
A series of articles covering Far Cry 3. This covers the mission, "Down In The Docks", where Jason must head into the caves and seek out the Ruins.

Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 44 – Down In The Docks: Into the Chinese Ruins

Head on down the slope into the next cave. Pause that the boxes just before the slope up and use that location to quickly scope out the soldiers who are in front of you. There are 3 spread across the front part of the room with one overlooking them all. Head up the slope carefully and move against the back wall. You can also loot the chest that is sitting nearby if you are inclined. Use a Takedown on the one soldier who is on this ledge with you. If possible, pull the body back a little from the edge of the ledge just to avoid detection a little longer. Go for as much stealth as you can here because the second part of the room is a lot harder if you are detected. If you can perform a Dual Death From Above or Chained Takedown, then you are set and just need to wait. Otherwise you need to do 2 successive takedowns very quickly. When the guard on the left has their back turned quickly hop down and kill the guard on the right. IF you can chain or have Dual Death From Above, you will take out the second one as well.

Now it is time for the hard part. Not really. Move up against the crates that the pirate was and look for the prompt to interact with something. There is a detonator right there that can be used to clear out most of the pirates ahead of you. Just use it and it will leave 1 remaining. Enjoy the easy pickings as he will have no idea where you are.

With that area clear head forward. Through the next door you will find the start of the Chinese Ruins. After that be careful as there is a snake nearby the skeleton and the amber leaf plant. Just run past or shoot the snake and loot the plant. Move forward to the pool of water. Time to dive in again. First through, throw a grenade in or detonate something on the surface of the water. More often than not there is a crocodile just waiting there for you. The explosion will kill it and reduce what damage you would otherwise take to none. After that just swim down then forward and up to get into the next part of the ruins.

When Jason gets to the surface, move over to the right and head to the gate. A quick comment and you will know you need to press the seal in front of you. Head forward and into the next pool of water. Dive in and swim forward. There are 2 doors in the  submerged chamber. First head to the one of the right to collect some loot on the ledge above the water. After that head on through to the one of the left to move forward. Just head down the corridor and you will find another Plaza. This one leads right to the temple you are looking for. This means it is time to search for the treasure room inside for the knife. Make the jump for the temple. When you land on the ledge it will crumble under Jason's weight and he will plummet into the water below.

Head up to the surface and then forward through the doorway in front of you down the corridor. Jason will comment on how he needs to reach the ledge above. He also mentions there are 2 switches around here. Head over to the right first and push the seal on that door. This will open it up and let Jason pass through to the second chamber. Here you will need to smash through 3 poles to release a flood of water. When Jason has recovered from the undulation of water, turn around, dive down and head back to the main chamber. Head across to the other side and dive down to press on the second switch to open the path to the next chamber. Swim over the top of the door and into the room beyond.

In this room swim over to the left and up the sloped platform leading onto the wooden one. Once again you need to smash 3 poles. This will once again raise the water level and let Jason reach the ledge above. The water level will raise again. Surface to get a breath of air and head to the second wooden platform and cross it. Now swim back into the main chamber. Just head to the North, once there, to make it into the treasure room.

Inside the Treasure room move forward and over to the table in front of Jason. Interact with it to grab the piece of the compass that you need. Of course, it is now that everything starts to collapse.  Start by heading over to the left of the pedestal. There you will find a narrow ledge that Jason can shimmy across. Just head forward from there, to the left. After that just head through the thin corridor up to the top