Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 43 – Down In The Docks: Finding the Cave Entrance

Head to the Southwest from where you met Buck last time. He will give you a quick history lesson and then it is time to head on inside the bunker that he is sitting by. He explains that the Japanese built a base right on what they were looking for. Here, he tells you to head in and search for the submarine base that has the treasure inside it. Be warned though, throughout the following area you will have a chance of running into snakes. Just listen for their hissing and sometimes rattling, to know where not to go. You will want at least 1 Deep Dive Syringe if you do not like swimming much as well.

Go through the door then go forward and over to the right. Look for the wall with the writing on it. There is some rope just above the Chinese characters. Climb up onto the ledge above. Now you can either just go straight ahead and drop down onto the ledge below or you can take the stairs down. Either way over over to the Southern corner of the room. There you will find another ledge you can climb up. Do so.

Once up, head forward and look for the stairs going down to the right. Take those and drop, carefully, to the platform above the water below you. When you are ready, just head into the water. It is time to start searching for the cave entrance. This is not the time to use a Deep Dive. There is only a Loot Chest found in the waters below.

Head to the opposite end of the pool and into the pipe that is ahead of you. On the other end of the pipe you will find that Vaas' men have found their way here as well. Swim over through the ruins of the submarine. If you have “Death From Below”, you will find a chance to use it here as there is a Charger who is sitting on the ledge by the water. If not, then you need to sneak up from the side which is a lot harder and will likely alert all the other enemies, immediately. After that, get out of the water using the nearby stairs, turn to the right and pick off the charger on the ruined submarine. With him down, turn your attention to the left and up the stairs. There you will find 4 more guards to deal with. 2 Soldiers and 2 Chargers. Pick of the Chargers if you do not want to deal with the Molotovs, but more likely than not, when one goes down, the others will come running. Just gun carefully using cover and ledge take downs and you will make it through this area without too much damage or difficulty.

With the pirates down head up the stairs that they were guards over the Metal Staircase leading up. Go up the Metal Stairs to find a loot chest. Drop down over the right hand side and look opposite the ruined submarine. You will find a wide doorway that you can pass through. Take that to move forward toward your present objective of getting into the Cave's entrance. Head up the slope and then down the next one into the following cave. You will be able to hear some of the pirates ahead. Just press on forward down the slope.