Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 42 – Sidequests – Shotgun Hunt: One Horn Buffalo, Faces Of Death

Path of the Predator – Shotgun Hunt: One Horn
At the Murder Camp Outpost, once it has been turned over to the Raykat, you will find a new Path of the Predator Sidequest waiting for Jason on the Bulletin Board. This is to hunt down and skin the rare One Horn Buffalo that is around. Your weapon for this hunt is a Shotgun. This animal's pelt can be used to make the Extended Wallet, letting Jason carry around $10,000 at any time.

Start by grabbing a car and heading along the road to the Southwest. You will find a campsite at the first marker where Jason can collect the Shotgun he needs for this hunt. Use Hunter's Instincts to find the herd of Buffalo. Inside that herd is one odd buffalo with one horn. Hunter's Instincts will let you get close enough to identify the target and then get a number of good blast in on it with the shotgun. Even aiming for the head at close range expect it to take around 3 shots. This is one very tough buffalo. After that, skin it and craft the final wallet.

Faces Of Death
Head back to Badtown and over toward the bar. There you can start this sidequest, “Faces Of Death” by taking with the man, Nero, who is outside his house nearby where one of the boats may be.

To complete this quest Jason will need to visit 3 locations and take pictures of the various pirate corpses found around the area. Start by heading to the Southwest of the village where you can find one of the ambushed pirates. Just past where the 2 roads cross to the Southwest of Badtown you will find a dead pirate up against a rock. Take a photo of this to get the first of the 3 that you need.

Now head, on foot, over to the East toward the next marker. Head up the slope and then you will need to start looking around in a search area to find the body that you need to photograph. The problem here is you will need to deal with a number of pirates coming charging at you as well. Just keep steady, deal with the live pirates then you can safely search the dead one you need to photograph. You will find him to the West of the Marker itself. Look for a 4 trunk tree with a lot of bushes at its base. Approach it from the Southeast and you will find the body. It is between the small palms that are near the bushes at the base of the tree.

The final pirate search area is to the East of Badtown. Hop into a vehicle and drive for the marker. Get to where the road splits then get out of your car. Head over to the right, past a few of the Torch Gingers. Just after a couple of them, along the left-hand side of the road, you will find the final corpse just laying there for you. Take a photograph of it and get back to Badtown to give them to Nero.