Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 40 – Sidequest – Nat's Repair Yard: Wanted: Dead, Dog Soldier

Wanted: Dead
Head over to the bulletin board found inside the Outpost. There you will find a notice to kill a group of pirates that have hunkered down in some nearby bunker. Head to the South from the Outpost via a car to get there quickly. Because they are all inside the bunker, or nearby it you can approach within 100 before ditching the car.

Once you are close enough to see the bunker move into the foliage and look around. There are 7 pirates here total. There are 2 Soldiers, 2 Chargers and 2 Snipers in addition to the Leader. Head into the bunker from the North and take cover in there for now. Throw rocks at the walls until you lure on the chargers in. Take him down. From there you will want to start picking off the rest of the men slowly, specifically, taking down the 2 snipers to stop them from using their RPG-7s on you or just head into fight. If you can trick the soldiers into thinking you are outside the bunker the leader will run inside it and make for an easy kill. After that just run away as it can be hard to kill off the rest in open conflict.

Dog Soldier
Head to the West of Nat's Repairs to find this quest. You will find just off the road, next to the new Sharp Shooter Challenge. Head inside the house by it to find the quest giver, Matti. He wants you to put down a rabid dog. There is no lack of them on the island. He tells you that you can find her nearby. You will find the pack just to the Southeast of the location where you got the quest. You can get there with either car or boat, whatever you prefer.

Once there you have a few things to deal with. First would be all the dogs around the alpha female. If you took a car it is very easy to just run them over. You will find that the leader is a lot more evasive. While you can run her over too it is a bit easier to just get out and shoot her. It will not take long to get all of the pack and to deal with any Dingos that come in during this time as well.

With all the animals dead be sure to skin them. It is a good opportunity for those who have not had much chance to craft items or to just get some extra cash by selling the pelts. Head back to Matti in the hut to complete the quest and get your reward.